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Tacitus, Annals of Imperial Rome Notes

Chapter 1

From Augustus to Tiberius

“I shall write without indignation or partisanship: in my case the customary incentives to these are lacking.”

No republican forces were left after Brutus and Cassius died. Sextus Pompeius in Sicily was defeated, Ledpidus dropped, Antony killed. Only Octavian was left. Seduced with many gifts but soon the legal system was incapacitated by violence, favoritism and bribery.

Augustus chose Agrippa as son in law after nephew Marcellus dies. Agrippa has sons Gaius Caesar and Lucius Caesar and adopted Augustus adopted them. Both die premature deaths, Nero Drusus is already dead and Tiberius is the only surviving stepson. Livia had control over aged Augustus—he sent to exile his only surviving grandson, Agrippa Postumus. Son of Nero Drusus, Germanicus was adopted by Tiberius by word of Augustus. Supposed foul play on Livia’s side as she heard how affectionate Augustus was to Agrippa Postumus on a visit and so sent letter to Tiberius and next thing that happens is that Augustus is dead and Tiberius is in control.

Tiberius’s first crime was the assassination of Agrippa Postumus.

First Senate meeting under Tiberius dealt with Augustus’s funeral—Tiberius and Livia were his heirs, Livia adopted into Julian family with name Augusta.

After funeral, Augustus was declared a god and decreed a temple but the major topic of every prayer was Tiberius. Then a document was released that was a list of national resources written by hand by Augustus. The frontiers of empire were to stay as there were.

Tiberius admits that it will be hard work but will accept whatever is entrusted to him, Gaius Gallus asks which part he would like to get handed over and he is thrown off. He now says he finds it too difficult to chose one part of another and then Gallus says he

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