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Odysseus And Telemachus Relationship

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The first four chapters of The Odyssey are about the situation at Ithica without Odysseus, so the first four chapters focus on Telemachus. The situation at Ithica is not good without Odysseus since suitors feast at Odysseus' expense as well as try to court Penelope, Odysseus’s wife. Due to the troubling situation, Athena guides Telemachus to mature by sending him on a journey to find out about his father Odysseus, this way Telemachus can earn his fame by stopping the suitors. During Telemachus’ journey, he encounters Nestor, the king of Pylos. Nestor was a good friend of Odysseus so he could share information about Odysseus with Telemachus, who knew nothing about his father. However, to talk to Nestor Telemachus must first approach him, for

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...Telemachus changes throughout the book by becoming stronger, less timid, and more like his father in wits and courage. He becomes worthy of the throne and is not only able to astonish the suitors of Odysseus’ wife, but he is also able to make his father proud. Odysseus, upon revealing himself to Telemachus says “Athena’s inspiration spurred me here, so we could plan the slaughter of our foes”(Homer 346). This is important because it shows that Telemachus is included in the planning. Generally, in ancient Greece, the seasoned warriors and wise men are the ones that help with the planning, so the fact that Telemachus is involved in this important task shows that Telemachus can be considered a warrior. Telemachus being included in the planning...

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...Athena wants Telemachus to find out what happened to his father in order to move on, and take care of Ithaca. She encourages him to go on the journey by appealing to his need for closure, justice, and his father. Athena portrays Mentȇs (an old friend of Odysseus’) to tell him of his father. She chooses to be his father’s dear friend because he is a trustworthy and honorable man. She speaks through him so that Telemachus knows his father is still alive as in Homer’s words here. “But never in this world is Odysseus dead-- only detained somewhere on the wide sea, upon some island, with wild islanders; savages, they must be, to hold him captive.” (7) She is trying to inform him that Odysseus is not dead, but caught up somewhere. Athena needs him...

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...major driving force for Odysseus throughout his journey back home. In “The Odyssey”, the bond of love between Odysseus and his wife Penelope is very strong. When Calypso gives Odysseus the choice to be protected from future foes and immortality by staying with her, Odysseus refuses. This proves that even the most desirable temptations can’t stop Odysseus from returning home to his wife and his family. Also, when Odysseus is reunited with Penelope, Penelope isn’t sure it’s him so she tests him about the moving the wedding bed. Odysseus says it can’t be moved since it was a tree in the ground and can’t be moved. This proves that not only the cleverness of Penelope but they are guided together by their incredible wits. They were made for each other and there’s nothing that could of broke them apart. Penelope also exhibits the same kind of love towards Odysseus. While everybody else thinks Odysseus is dead, Penelope doesn’t give up hope that he’s still alive. At home, she stays loyal to Odysseus by delaying her marriage to the suitors that are trying to court her. By constantly delaying her remarriage plans to the suitors, she’s risking her own safety and the safety of her son Telemachus. Penelope refuses to marry anybody else with the thought of Odysseus still being alive and proves that her love for him is intensely strong and cannot be broken. While the husband and wife relationship is very strong. The Father/Son relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus is also incredibly strong...

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