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Odysseus Reputations Of Athena In Homer's Odyssey

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After Naussica leaves Odysseus alone to protect her reputation, he encounters Athena in disguise. Athena provides invaluable information to Odysseus as well as encouraging him to approach Queen Arete with bravery. She tells him “The brave succeed on all adventures, even those who come from countries far away. First greet the queen Arete with her name”(7.51-54). After saying this, Athena provides information about Queen Arete’s ancestry. With this advice, Athena delivers a straightforward way for Odysseus to navigate Phaecian customs. By initiating Odysseus contact with Queen Arete, Athena enables Odysseus to obtain a positive outcome by establishing a relationship with someone with high influence. Odysseus’ relationship with Queen Arete will

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