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vrdkykanrtytu,ym anrntyumtmnynymrd ymmsyytymtuuc A set of activities resulting from requests for service, each with a specific precedence. Each activity requires a supporting file system. e/\ set of people "executing their procedures" ("carrying out tasks"), communicating with and referencing a supporting file system. e A set of communication media with thei:- corresponding communications, such as a filled-in fonn, a phone call, a copy of an order, or a file system query for organizing and processing information. e A gigantic database with users accessing and manipulating data.
An automated office information system (0 IS) attempts to perform the functions of the ordinary office by means of a computer system. Automation in the office particl~larly aids the office worker in document preparation, information management and decision making. Such systems may be as modest as a group of independent word processors, or as complex as a distributed set of large, communicating computers. Within in this spectrum is a central computer with several interactive terminals, or a set of small interconnected computers. In either system the office worker would use a work station to perform his work, and that work station would be capable of electronically communicating with other work stations.
In this paper we distinguish office information systems from data processing systems both by the autonomy of the system's parts, and by function. A data processing system is used to im A set of activities resulting from requests for service, each with a specific precedence. Each activity requires a supporting file system. e/\ set of people "executing their procedures" ("carrying out tasks"), communicating with and referencing a supporting file system. e A set of communication media with thei:- corresponding communications, such as a filled-in fonn, a

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