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Online vs. on Capmus

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Why Online vs. On Campus Classes?
Dominique Pacheco

Adults, how many of you out there have not started or didn’t finished college but, you have considered returning to school? So, what’s stopping you from taking that first step? As an adult we all have busy lives, between working, raising a family, keeping order in our homes, and those other important obligations we have. I can speak from experience when it comes to making a decision to go back to school it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. I am 28, a mother of 5 very active children, whose ages are 6, 7, 9, 12, and 15, I work, have many other obligations, and I also know it’s important to further my education, so I that is why I go to school on line. With that being said, who has time to sit in class all day, right? Thanks to online degrees now you don’t have to. You have the option of getting your degree online. Taking online courses is a better choice for adults than your traditional on campus courses due to location, the basic features, and flexibility. Online classes are highly admired and appreciated because of its location. You can log into your classes from anywhere all over the world. You have more options to choose from. You are not just limited to the schools and degrees that are only available to you in your area. You can pick any school around the world that has the degree you want, and the option of completing the courses online, and do it all from the comfort of your own home. Another plus is that you save gas since you want have to travel every day to and from your classes. The basic features are something to consider as well. Time management is essential to online classes. Even though the hours are flexible you will still have to make sure to get all your work done in a timely manner. Since you are in control of your schedule, you should make sure to set time aside to complete all your assignments. Interaction with classmates and Instructors are also expected but, through emails, live chats, class discussions, and group assignments. Setting a schedule is good but can be changed if needed. The flexibility is amazing since you are able to study around your own personal schedule and work at your specific pace. And you can log in from anywhere at any time 24/7. When you take traditional on campus courses the location is set in concrete. Meaning you will have to go to a pacific classroom every day. Which also means you will need to do some type of traveling to get there. So saving money on gas just went out the window. The basic features of on campus classes are very important and are not that different from the online courses features. Time management is very important since you must be at school at a certain time each day. Also, interaction with classmates and teachers is a must since you will be in a physical classroom setting on a daily bases. So you will have to interact with others face to face which are on a more personal level then online classes. You will have to follow a schedule that cannot be changed. The flexibility of on campus classes is very limited to none. You will have to work your personal schedules around your school schedule. Since you must be in class at a certain time then school has to be your priority. This one main factor is why a lot of adults decide not to attend or go to on campus classes. Online classes versus on campus classes are definitely the best choice for adults who are deciding to return to school to further their education and get a degree. Since most of us already have a busy schedule in place, it would be easier to go to school online because of it strong flexibility. The basic features for online or on campus classes are almost the same. The only difference is the face to face interaction and having a personal connection with your peers. But for me personally I feel us as adults really are not going back to school to experience that college feeling. We just want to go and get our degree and that’s it. So there really is no need to get to personal if you ask me. So if you really want to go back to school and you have a busy schedule like me, picking an online degree would be great for you. So stop making excuses and take that next step and go make your dream a reality.

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