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Organizational Development and Human Resources


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Organizational Development and Human Resources
Jane Smith
September 28, 2015
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Organizational Development and Human Resources
Human Resource functions relate to organizational development in a few ways. Human resource (HR) policies, practices, and procedures contribute to organizational structure. It is also said by HR experts that more specifically the three R’s, recruitment process, review system, and retention of talented faculty is vital to proficient organizational performance (Mishra, 2011). Overall, organizational development is greatly impacted by the HR practices of hiring, training, evaluation, and promotion of their employees. This helps to establish the desired organizational culture.
First and foremost, the human resource techniques are integral to the leadership and development of an organization. The policies, practices, and procedures will also dictate the strategy behind the three R’s, recruitment, review, and retention. These managerial tasks can prove how effective a leader is and if they are capable of taking a company to the desired levels of success. When looking for new talent HR managers must assess that these individuals can appreciate the core values of the company. Moreover, the way these new recruits are trained and evaluated can better lead to attaining organizational goals (Kinicki and Fugate, 2014). Being able to retain capable associates can make or break a company. A positive organizational structure requires high turnover rates. HR policies and practices influence the satisfaction of those talents. Successful HR management has to be innovative in the four dimensions of relation work “influence, inter-personal facilitation, relational creativity, and team leadership.” (Mishra, 2011). With that said the best organizations look for those with positive attitudes, skilled in communication, confident, team

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