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Girl in a Dress
By Stephen Weiss
Be she Little Red Riding or Little Bo Peep, with just one sheet and a fleet of pleats, she’s a model so catching a model so sweet, she’s worth a zillion trick or treats. Use foil paper for best results.

3. 2.


1. 4.


Valley-fold the front flap down to crease 4.

Make the creases in order shown. Then valley-fold the bottom edge to the top (5.).

4 3



Pleat the model into sixteenths.

Keeping point A stationary, Slide out outer layer of pleats so that the appendage sticks out at a right angle. Partially open the pleats to facilitate this.


Head & Arms

Skirt part of the Dress


Orient yourself as to the anatomy of the model. Then, spread open the accordian pleats.

Box pleat to form the legs and arms and two heads (one becomes the bonnet). Make six reverse folds on the skirt.

7 8

Rabbit-ear the arms to the right. Wrap the dress around the body evenly on the front and back.

Valley-fold down the front head. Outside-reverse-fold the hand. Valley-fold the left side of the skirt (all layers).

9 10


Is this a petal fold, squash, or double swivel fold? Whatever you want to call it, do one of those. Make another valley fold on the skirt to lock the front and rear layers.

Valley-fold the lower half of the head, slipping it underneath the upper half. Round out the bottom of the skirt with mountain folds all the way around.

12 13

Crimp the neck.


On the head, valley-fold the flap inserting just barely inside the pocket (or leave it out, curving slightly, for a scarf). Valley-fold the arms forward (to the left).

Round out the model to taste: press down on the bonnet, push in the back of the neck and squeezefold the arms and legs. Note creases for feet -- bottom section turns under horizontally. Adjust feet so that the model stands.

The Girl in a Dress all ready to head off to Grandma’s house.

Diagramed by Jeremy Shafer, 1998 Model created by Stephen Weiss in 1981

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