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We are taught in nursing school to be patient advocates, respect all patient rights, so cultural competence is very important. We experience diversity between most of our co-workers in the hospital, with our patients and society. As nurses, we may not always believe or understand our patient’s beliefs but we need to respect them.
Knowledge, attitude and skill are important when caring with the different cultures with our patients.
KNOWLEDGE is understanding traditions and values as well as ethnic backgrounds. Once this is achieved then the nurse will be able to assist their patient in numerous ways.
ATTITUDE is important to realize one's own biases. This will assist in understanding that we don’t have to agree with the beliefs, but respecting their beliefs is a must.
SKILL is being able to be flexible and adapt to different situations. I've experienced many different cultures as well as others beliefs that are conflicting with my beliefs. I have always cared for my patients as a patient. I may have had to remind myself that it's not personal, we are all different in this world which makes us all special. Having a patient from India, I had to make sure to rearrange the room so they could pray in the appropriate direction daily. This was a first for me, but didn't cause any conflict with my plan of care for the patient. Lippincott's The importance of Cultural Competence. Kathryn Murphy DHS, APRN. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! April 2011, Vol.9 No.2,

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