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Pay for Play- Ethics Paper

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Pay for Play: An Ethical Analysis of the Student-Athlete Compensation Dilemma

Group 2:
Julie Burnett
Christopher Fincham
Revati Kailasam
Catherine Kondo
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Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting
Andrew Dill
ACG 6835
Fall 2013

The college sports industry is a large industry in America which is estimated to produce $797 million dollars for the 2012-13 season (NCAA). Of these millions, not one penny will go to any of the 400,000 plus college athletes under NCAA rules (NCAA). This however, was not always the case. Prior to the formation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1906, student groups frequently hired players without the stipulation that they must also be students at the university (NCAA). Due to these circumstances and poorly regulated play that often led to injuries, the NCAA was established to provide a safe and fair ‘playing field’ for student-athletes. However, today this regulatory board is not seen as beneficial by all members of society, and is especially negatively scrutinized by top performing student-athletes. In 2005, NCAA Football had an estimated total attendance of over 43 million compared to the NFL of over 17 million, while NCAA Basketball had estimated total attendance of over 30 million compared to the NBA of over 21 million (Humphys, 2008). Despite having more viewers, college athletes received no pay while professional players earned millions. This has prompted college athletes to argue that the NCAA regulations are inequitable. However, NCAA players are allowed to receive the $2.4 billion of annual scholarships granted to them, as well as travel expenses and catastrophic injury insurance coverage (NCAA). Due to the amount of various methods of compensations, many people argue that student-athletes are well cared for. Because of the high rewards at stake, and the fact that

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