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PROJECT Proposal

Project proposal
The project is all about Advance swimming and explanations every step of swimming technique and each phase/skill.
Advance Freestyle
Advance Breastroke
Video (explanation)

* Right arm pull 3 counts * Right arm pull 2 counts * Basic backstroke

Advance swimming: * Advance Freestyle
A competition in which the contestant is given more latitude than in related events, “especially “ swimming competition in which the swimmer may use any stroke.

The freestyle stroke, also known as front crawl, is the fastest and most efficient of the competitive Swimming Stroke. That's why it is always used in the freestyle event of swimming competitions and is also often the preferred stroke of experienced swimmers and triathletes.
Your arms execute alternating movements. One arm moves backwards in the water from an overhead position towards the hip and provides propulsion. The other arm recovers above water from the hip towards the overhead position. Afterwards your arms exchange their roles.
Your legs do the flutter kick, which means they are extended and kick downwards and upwards in the water with pointed toes. This is a simple and efficient kicking technique.

* Your head is in line with your trunk and you look straight down. * Both arms are extended overhead. Your palms are turned downward. * You kick using a supple flutter kick.

The Swim Stroke's Cycle: 1. The wrist of your propulsive arm flexes downward. Your fore arm moves downward and backward into a vertical position. At the same time, your elbow and upper arm stay high in the water and move a little bit outward so as to form the so-called high elbow position. 2. Once your forearm and palm are vertical and facing backward, your arm adducts at the shoulder as a unit and your hand sweeps in under the chest. 3. From there, your hand changes direction and moves toward the hip. At the same time, your body rolls on the side so that your hip gets out of the way. 4. Your hand leaves the water and your arm sweeps forward with the forearm relaxed and dangling. 5. You inhale quickly on the side of the recovering arm if the recovery is a breathing one. 6. Once your hand has passed your head, it enters the water again and your arm extends forward into the overhead position. At the same time, your head and body roll back toward a more neutral position. 7. As soon as your recovering arm enters the water, your other arm starts its propulsive phase, and so on. 8. The flutter kick continues rhythmically during the whole stroke cycle. 9. You start to exhale as soon as the head rolls downward and continue to do so until the next breathing recovery.

Detailed Freestyle Swimming Technique:
Head and Body Position: This article explains how to position your head and your body while swimming freestyle so as to create the least amount of drag. It also explains how to roll your body on your sides to inhale more easily and to improve propulsion.

Arm Stroke and Hand Movements: This article explains the different phases of the front crawl arm stroke in detail: down sweep, catch, insweep, upsweep, release, recovery, entry and extension forward. The synchronization between arms and legs is also covered.
The Flutter Kick: This article covers the flutter kick as it is used in freestyle swim stroke. The kicking technique is explained, kicking rhythms are discussed and some additional tips are given.

Breathing Technique: This article explains how to breathe in the front crawl stroke. It explains during which phases of the stroke you should inhale and exhale, which breathing patterns are most commonly used. The article also gives several tips for proper breathing technique.

Advanced Freestyle Swimming Technique:
Freestyle Swimming Mistake-Putting on the Brakes
Describes a common mistake intermediate swimmers of the freestyle stroke do called "Putting on the Brakes". This means that you push water forward during the underwater phase at the end of the recovery, hence the name.
Freestyle Swimming Mistake-Over reaching
Explains why overreaching during the arm recovery in the freestyle stroke is considered bad swimming technique. Tips on how to correct this mistake are given.

Freestyle Swimming Mistake-Wide Arm Recovery
A wide arm recovery wastes energy, creates drag and can put strain on your shoulders. This article discusses why this is the case and provides means to correct this swimming mistake.

The correct catch and full technique:

As your hand enters into the water, take care to make sure it does so finger-tips first, lengthening forward in front of the same shoulder with the middle finger pointing the way to the far end of the pool.
Avoid crossing over the centre line, this is critical to keeping a high elbow catch and pull through later on.

2. EXTENSION TECHNIQUE As you reach forward with good body roll (roll being essential here), make sure you do so with the palm of the hand looking at the bottom of the pool, but with the finger tips angled slightly down. This should be flexed from the wrist (not from the knuckles) we need to keep you palm flat and open, fingers closed loosely together. | Avoid "putting the brakes on" by dropping the wrist and pushing forward (you'd be surprised how many swimmers do this!) | 3. INITIAL CATCH TECHNIQUE At full reach and without dropping your elbow, feel like you are tipping your finger-tips over the front of a barrel (again flexing at the wrist), which will start the catch. At the same time start bending the elbow and pressing back on the water with the forearm in a near-vertical position. | This is what keeping your elbows high on the catch is all about. A memorable way to think about this action whilst you are swimming is to visualize a smiley face drawn on the palm of your hand. As you start the catch, tip your finger tips down and show that smiley face on your palm to the wall you just left. This is like locking your hand in place, effectively feeling-the-water. You will now be pressing the water back behind you rather than pushing it down. |

Concentrate your efforts on simply pressing water back behind you with the palm of your hand still looking back behind you.
Combined with good rotation, this pull through will lead to an efficient long stroke technique, but one that is not overly long.

When you get the catch and pull through right it feels like a smooth flowing action, it feels easy but gives you great propulsion. You will have an awareness that you are using your larger pectoral and latissmus dorsi muscles (pecs and lats) to drive and time the movement.
Work on improving your catch and pull technique by avoiding the pitfalls and using the tips we described above.

Advance Breast stroke

The backstroke kick is essentially the same Flutter Kick as the one used in the freestyle swim stroke, only that the swimmer is turned upside down. The backstroke kick serves mostly to stabilize the swimmer's body. It also contributes a little bit to the swimmer's propulsion.

The legs kick in an alternate up-down fashion, where the kick originates in the hip. The feet are in plantar flexion, which means they point towards the end of the pool.
A swimming stroke in which a person lies face down in the water and extends the arms in front of the head, then sweeps them both back laterally under the surface of the water while performing a frog kick.

Getting good at specialty strokes will give you a leg up on freestyle-only swimmers, and make you more marketable to future swim teams. Consider expanding your stroke repertoire to become a 100 or 200 meter breaststroke swimmer. The following swimming tips will help you shave seconds off your time and swim a faster breaststroke. * Get a good start- Getting a good start is crucial to improving your breaststroke swim time. * Perfect your pull down- A pull down is the first stroke taken after diving in or after a turn * Strengthen your stroke- Swimming the breaststroke is all about timing and technique * Fight for the finish- In a close race the difference between first and second place often comes down to who has a stronger finish.
The kick should be fast and compact for best efficiency. It should stay within the shadow of the swimmer's body. The knees and feet should stay under water. If the kick is too large, it will create drag and slow the swimmer down.
Ankle flexibility
If the swimmer has poor ankle flexibility, as is often the case with runners, he will not be able to point his feet towards the pool end, and then propulsion will be poor.
Kicking rhythms
When swimming backstroke most swimmers use the six beat kick rhythm. This rhythm means that during a complete backstroke cycle, each foot kicks three times, for a total of six kicks. This six-beat kick is the kick rhythm that produces the best propulsion.
In longer distance swimming, the four-beat kick or the two-beat kick rhythms are also used, as they save energy. To be effective with these slower kick rhythms, the swimmer must have good balance. A good drill to learn this is the Balance on the back swimming drill.

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