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An organization is a unit consisting of people structured in a particular manner and managed so that they could achieve one particular goal. It is basically a system of coordinated activities of a number of people together. Organizations have different structures that create positions and determine different members, positions, activities and relationships. How jobs need to be assigned, responsibilities and authority to be given to carry out different tasks.
Organization is usually set up in different manners as to achieve their target. An organization structure helps it to excel and achieve those targets, if the structure is not correct it can play a major role in hindering the progress of the organization. It is structure of an organization that ensures that the organization will work smoothly as per the intentions. It is something that needs to be decided in the early development of organization as it is a way to maximize and enhance the efficiency and profitability of the organization. By defining a structure; the lines of authority in an organization are cleared hence helping to know who has what responsibilities. (Business dictionary, 2012)
By taking under consideration Hilton Hotel UK, we can explain what their business management is all about. There are a few different types of organizational structures that we are going to highlight and find out which structure Hilton hotel follows:
Functional structure: This type of structure clears out each part of the organization and identifies the organization’s purpose. There could be different departments in this type, e.g. marketing department, human resource department, sales department,...

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