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Personal Narrative: Ticket To Ride

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It was a usual Friday like any other day. There wasn't anything interesting about this particular day. You know the routine here in BVP. You start of in the morning doing PLP and then you head to class. Throughout the whole day the only thing going through my thoughts is how i was going to bet Ms. Caraza in “Ticket to Ride”. I needed to think about some strategies. I was even thinking about about having an alliance with Erika. It was time for board game club, to my surprise Yoselin, Jorge, and Adrian were there. I decided to play “Ticket to Ride” with them and Erika. When everyone agreed to play the same game later came chosing a color. Who would of guess that people can be so picky to just pick a color. There were so many arguments here and there. After that was solved. Nobody knew how to play. I was just wasting my time. I felt like I was teaching little kids how to read. I explained the directions. I even repeated it again. …show more content…
Yoselin for the past three rounds has been buying tracks and getting cards. I repeated myself like so many times i can't even remember. Jorge made it his mission to annoyed Yoselin with his life. Every Time someone made a mistake we will call it a “ Yoselin mistake”. Everytime Jorge would say that Yoselin would turn red in embarrassment. This simple reaction made everyone burst into laughter. Ms.Caraza would even look at us and give us “They are crazy”

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