Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Dr. Tommy Sickels

August 13, 2015

Define Personal Responsibility and What It Means to You

Personal responsibility means a variety of issues and ideas and is linked to “every aspect of life” (Personal Responsibility, 2013). Personal responsibility is tied to everything or action taken during the day. It is important to be accountable as well as assuming ownership of any consequences that may arise from any action or decision that is made during the course of any day. Many times responsibility is linked to a person’s personal values or morals as contributing influences that will have a factor in what action or decision is made. For this author, responsibility becomes very important characteristic that occurs every day in our lifetime.

For example, we must be responsible for as well as is being liable or accountable for everything we do or say. It is very important these actions are not simply stated, but we must be able to back up these actions by what we do in terms of dialogue, performance and activities. Personal responsibility may mean something different to others, but it is important to understand the diversity of this idea. Personal responsibility may start when a problem is revealed or acknowledged. Many times these responsibilities can be resolved individually, but there are times it may take others to assist.

Personal responsibility requires us to monitor and judge our own actions and motivations and any results that may occur. It involves continuous reevaluation of what and why thoughts are and comparing these thoughts with anything new that may have been revealed or exposed along the way. There is a fear of failure many people have experienced, but accepting personal responsibility may be defined as beating this…...