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Phylosophy of Nursing

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INTRODUCTION---------------------------------------- 1-2

INDIVIDUALS-------------------------------------------- 2

HEALTH CARE ENVIRONMENT------------------ 3

HEALTH & ILLNESS---------------------------------- 4-5

NURSING-------------------------------------------------- 5

CONCLUSION------------------------------------------- 6
REFERENCES------------------------------------------- 7 INTRODUCTION: Nursing is a discipline and a profession. As a profession, nursing is committed to assisting individuals in the performance of activities that contribute to their health. As a discipline, nursing supports the belief that there is a dynamic interrelationship between the individual and the environment (Meleis, et al. 2000). Nursing should be practiced recognizing the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, development and spiritual variables of the patient (Baranowski, Perry , & Parcel, 1997) . This nursing philosophy is based on Neuman System Model, Science of Unitary Beings and Social Cognitive Theory. Nursing is one of the external resources available to the person (Baranowski, Perry, & Parcel, 1997). Nurses use knowledge and skill in working with people to promote, maintain, and restore the balance between the person and the environment, and when necessary, to support a dignified death. Health is a relative state of being which is characterized by wellness, illness, disease, or dysfunction (Meleis, et al. 2000). Any view of health must consider both developmental and environmental influences. A person uses both internal and external resources to achieve the desired level of health (Baranowski, Perry, & Parcel, 1997). Professional nursing has both a theoretical...

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