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Physical Security Paper [This title could be more inspiring. Labeling it a "paper" or an "essay" is redundant (what else could it be?), and only a few words as a title are not very explanatory (or intriguing to the reader). An ideal title has between six and a dozen words ]
Russell Smith
November 17, 2013
Morris Cotton
Physical Security Paper The author [If this means yourself, avoid referring to yourself in the third person; if this is a personal account, use the first person (I, me, my)] will describe the core

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...Physical Security Paper Mitch Greg January 23, 2012 Physical Security Paper Every organization in today’s world needs to have security, and this security can come in many forms. The security can be for the information an organization has to physical security needed to protect assets of a company as well as helping to protect that information as it is also part of the company’s assets. There needs to be a plan in place to look at what an organization needs to create that protection. It can be discussed the type of physical security protection that is needed in organizations, and why they are important as well as why they are needed, and how they may work. This paper will discuss the core concepts of physical security, security assessments, and basic physical controls to create a better understanding of physical security of an organization and its assets. Physical Security The definition of physical security states that physical security is designed with the intent on denying access to unauthorized personnel such as attackers or even intruders that may have entered an area unintentionally. This type of security can deal with stored information, resources, buildings, property, or just about anything that an organization values as its assets (Harvey, 2009). The security may be something as simple as a lock on a door to an integrated technical system that has many layers of protection. The Physical Protection System (PPS) is a way to integrate the people needed with...

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...OVERVIEW Physical security is primarily concerned with restricting physical access by unauthorized people (commonly interpreted as intruders) to controlled facilities, although there are other considerations and situations in which physical security measures are valuable (for example, limiting access within a facility and/or to specific assets and controls to reduce physical incidents such as fires). Security unavoidably incurs costs and, in reality, it can never be perfect or complete - in other words, security can reduce but cannot entirely eliminate risks. Given that controls are imperfect, strong physical security applies using appropriate combinations of overlapping and complementary controls. For instance, physical access controls for protected facilities are generally intended to: • deter potential intruders (e.g. warning signs and perimeter markings); • distinguish authorized from unauthorized people (e.g. using pass cards/badges and keys) • delay and ideally prevent intrusion attempts (e.g. strong walls, door locks and safes); • detect intrusions and monitor/record intruders (e.g. intruder alarms and CCTV systems); and • trigger appropriate incident responses (e.g. by security guards and police). It is up to security designers to balance security controls against risks, taking into account the costs of specifying, developing, testing, implementing, using, managing, monitoring and maintaining the controls. Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and...

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...Unit 1 Assignment 1: Security Policies Overcoming Business Challenges There are a number of Information Technology security controls. The three most common are: physical, technical, and administrative controls; however, many organizations break down administrative controls into two separate categories: procedural and legal controls. "Security controls are the means of enforcing security policies that reflect the organization's business requirements, " (Johnson). Security controls are implemented to guarantee the information security C-I-A triad. Furthermore, security controls fall into three types of control classifications, they are: preventive, detective and corrective. These classifications are used to specify when a security control applies. Physical Controls are exactly what they sound like, physical obstacles used to prevent or deter access to IS resources. Physical controls can be barriers such as locked doors, requiring some sort of authentication/authorization command to enter, like a cipher lock or keycard. Biometric scanners are also excellent controls to identify and allow access to authorized personnel. Video cameras and closed-circuit television are also examples of physical controls. For organizations requiring extreme security measures, perimeter barriers such as walls or electric fences are used; additionally, security guards fall into the physical controls category. Technical Controls are logical and/or software related controls designed to restrict access...

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...Paper 2 Submitted by: Courtnay Avery Keller Graduate School of Management SE578 3/20/11 Table of Contents How could administrative, technical, and physical controls introduce a false sense of security?...............3 What are the consequences of not having verification practices?..............................................................3 What can a firm do to bolster confidence in their defense-in-depth strategy?..........................................4 How do these activities relate to best practices? ……………………………………………………………………………………4 How can these activities be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance? …………………………….………………5 References …................................................................................................................................................6 How could administrative, technical, and physical controls introduce a false sense of security? Administrative, Technical, and Physical controls introduce a false sense of security by the indication of what we use to safeguard delicate data and protect individuals’ privacy. Any complex system is prone to inherit a false sense of security. Having a false sense of security is widespread among individuals who own and operate a personal computer within their homes. Nothing is ever really secured. It would be safe to say that something is secured within the terms of information security. [ (Nahn, 2008) ] The idea of purchasing a virus protection suggests that all personal information...

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...PHYSICAL SECRUTITY OPERTIONS RESEARCH PAPER Faye A. Smith Sec/320 October 29, 2012 Terence Hunt, MSS, CPP INTRODUCTION To understand the importance of physical security is the security of people and technology. The use of physical security consists if a series if actions that are used to protect someone against unwanted or illegal invasion. There are three levels of physical security which are the security practitioner should be concerned with. They are the outer perimeter, inner perimeter, and the interior. OUTER PERIMETER Your actual property line defines the outer perimeter. In controlling the outer you must control who can drive/walk onto your property. You can use barbed wire fence, a guard shack. You need to weigh the risk of an intruder entering your property and the cost of the available physical security measure. There are two concepts involved in perimeter security, which is Natural Access Control and Territorial Reinforcement. Natural Access Control is the use of building and landscaping features to guide the people as they and enter/exit a space. You all also want to discourage intruders to close any and all potential exits. potential (1) Clearly defined entrances the first thing to the access control is the approach to your area. That is can a car drive onto your property without it being notice? If this does happen that means you need to consider of using curbs, barriers, gates to direct the traffic to a single control area. A guard shack would be a good...

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...Physical Security Paper Security, the word carries different meanings depending on the context in which it is used but ultimately it always falls back to a sense of protection. Security can come in a variety forms but the one most notable would be physical security. Physical security refers to those tangible objects that can prevent or deter an adversary. Security is considered the backbone of any business or organization when the question of concern regarding protection is being looked upon. While physical security may appear to be simple, it actually follows a set of core concepts that helps to develop, build, and make it an effective approach to security. Physical security would not be complete without the use of a security assessment. If there is no known threat or risk then the need for security is not there which means it is the best decision to perform a security assessment to check for areas of vulnerability. Physical security also encompasses some basic physical controls that should be noted and taken into account. Core Concepts of Physical Security Before breaking into the core concepts of physical security, it only seems appropriate to determine exactly what physical security is. An effective physical protection system integrates people, equipment, and procedures for the protection of assets or facilities against theft, sabotage, or other malevolent human attacks (Rico & Beasley, 2006). Physical security is aimed at preventing any type of physical harm...

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...CONVERGENCE OF LOGICAL AND PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS INTRODUCTION Up to now, majority of organizations have their physical and logical access systems operating as independent structures, with each being run by a totally separate department. The information technology security system, which controls access to information technology infrastructure including mail servers, the internet, database applications and web servers was managed by the department of information technology. The physical security system, which incorporates door access into buildings, systems of life support such as CCTV and Fire, and the badging process of employees, was run by the department of facilities (Mehdizadeh, Y, 2003). Currently, security operations involve the guarding of buildings and equipment in addition to protection of networks, taking care of issues of privacy, and risk management. The interrelation between the aspects of the security initiatives necessitates consolidation of the two security systems. Such a convergence of the IT and physical security functions is important in achieving an efficient security system (Mehdizadeh, Y, 2003). However, such an operation is also lined up with disadvantages. This paper looks at the pros and cons of combining the IT and physical security functions in a medium to large-size firm with complex IT system requirements and a global footprint. It also analyzes the fundamental components of an IT security system and explains how their integration supports...

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...Technical Controls Paper A.M SE578 Gordon Francois Keller Graduate School of Management January 22, 2012 Technical Controls Technical controls use technology as a basis for controlling the access and usage of sensitive data throughout a physical structure and over a network. Technical controls are far-reaching in scope and encompass such technologies as: * Encryption * Smart cards * Network authentication * Access control lists (ACLs) * File integrity auditing software Logical controls (also called technical controls) use software and data to monitor and control access to information and computing systems. For example: passwords, network and host based firewalls, network intrusion detection systems, access control lists, and data encryption are logical controls. An important logical control that is frequently overlooked is the principle of least privilege. The principle of least privilege requires that an individual, program or system process is not granted any more access privileges than are necessary to perform the task. A blatant example of the failure to adhere to the principle of least privilege is logging into Windows as user Administrator to read Email and surf the Web. Violations of this principle can also occur when an individual collects additional access privileges over time. This happens when employees' job duties change, or they are promoted to a new position, or they transfer to another department. The access privileges required...

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...CYBER SECURITY INTRODUCTION It is also known as “Computer Security or IT security”. It is applied to the security of computer, computer network and the data stored and transmitted over them. Today the computer system are used in wide variety of “smart devices, including Smartphone’s,  televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things, and networks include not only the Internet and private data networks, but also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other networks. Computer security covers all the processes and mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction and the process of applying security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data both in transit and at rest. There are the various elements of the cyber security which are as: 1. Application Security 2. Information Security 3. Network Security 4. Mobile Security 5. Internet Security 6. Cyberwarfare One of the most problematic elements of cybersecurity is the quickly and constantly evolving nature of security risks. The traditional approach has been to focus most resources on the most crucial system components and protect against the biggest known threats, which necessitated leaving some less important system components undefended and some less dangerous risks not protected. "The threat is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. The threat changes faster than our idea of the risk. It's no longer...

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...Physical Security Physical Security Physical Security is all around us today. Every organization will have some sort of physical security. This could be anything from locks on doors and windows, fences around their organization, alarm systems, etc. Physical security is known as the action in which an organization can take to help protect themselves as well as their assets against those who want to steal or sabotage your organization. There are three different types of levels of physical protection. These levels are known as “your outer perimeter, your inner perimeter and your interior. If you can implement two or three forms of security at each level, then you will more than likely have an effective physical security system (Deutsch, 2013). Core concepts of physical security are known as the outer perimeter security, your inner perimeter, and finally you’re interior of your organization. Outer perimeter is known as your property and within your property lines in which you own. When an organization wants to secure their outer perimeter, they will put up fences to secure their organization within the fences. The goal of outer perimeter security is to be able to control who you want to walk and drive on your property. Fences are not the only outer perimeter security you may put up, armed guards who patrol the inside of the fence line as well as the outside fence line is considered outer perimeter security as well. “In deciding what type of perimeter security to implement...

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...Physical Facilities Evaluation Paper Keco L.Motton SEC370 September 17, 2012 Instructor: Jeffery Newton Physical Facilities Evaluation Society has witnessed a growing epidemic affecting the sanctity of colleges and universities nationwide. Campus violence has placed stress and strains on the physical security efforts established by the educational institutions. The John Doe University security division has been charged with providing and sustaining a safe environment for staff and students attending the university. Additionally, the security divisions have the daunting task of securing sensitive information supported by cyber and physical platforms. To help better the lives of the student and faculty population of our university the management of the university has researched budget improvements that would help in reaching this goal. It has been determined in an attempt to improve the lives of the campus population a strong security budget is essential in improving the quality of life on campus. It is essential for colleges and universities to have physical security and emergency plans established. Revamping the current budget will work toward revitalizing associated security pitfalls faced by the university. John Doe University is housed on 10 acres of land. The university is engulfed by a heavily wooded perimeter accented with 10-foot high fences. Four main access points allow citizens to access the campus grounds. The layout of...

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...Perimeter Security Applications Robinson Paulino DeVry College of New York Sec- 330 Professor: Gerard Beatty Perimeter Security Applications Outline Introduction 2 Intruder Detection Accuracy 3 Security Cameras 4 1. Using Size Filters for Video Analytics Accuracy 4 2. Geo-Registration and Perimeter Security Detection Accuracy 5 3. Clarity against a moving background 5 Perimeter Security Best Practices 6 Auto Tracking PTZ Camera 6 Long Range Thermal Camera 6 Covering Perimeter Camera Blind Spots 7 Determine a Perimeter Camera’s Range 7 Perimeter Fence . 8 Chain-Link Fences Protection 8 Electric and Infrared Fences 8 Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection Systems 9 In-Ground Intrusion Detection Systems 10 References 11 Perimeter Security Applications Introduction Physical security is the protection offered for property, these may be buildings or any other form of asset, against intruders (Arata, 2006). . The idea therefore, is to keep off unwanted persons or objects from ones premises. One’s premise is defined by a boundary which separates private property from the rest of the land. This boundary is referred to as the perimeter. The perimeter could be physical or logical. Physical security is intended to keep intruders from land and grounds around such property. Logical perimeters on the other hand, are for protection against computer sabotage or any other remote malicious activities (Fennelly, 2012). In a nutshell, perimeter security is being...

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...Physical Security Table of Contents INTRODUCTION III ELEMENTS AND DESIGN III EXAMPLES OF PHYSICAL SECURITY III PHYSICAL SECURITY ELECTRONIC ACCESS III CASINOS AND GAMING III EDUCATION III TRANSPORTATION III Goggle Search iii Dictionary Search iii Introduction This paper examines Physical Security from the perspective of perimeter such as gates/guards, building access controls, room access controls, enforcement options, auditing approaches, risk determination for physical attack vectors, etc. Physical Security describes measures that prevent and/or deter attackers from accessing a facility, resource, or information stored on physical media. It can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as multiple layers of armed guardposts. In the Global world, Physical Security is the most common mechanisms for access control on doors and security containers. They are found in the vast majority of residences, commercial businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities, and often serve as the primary protection against intrusion and theft. Elements and design The field of security engineering has identified three elements to physical security: 1. obstacles, to frustrate trivial attackers and delay serious ones; 2. alarms, security lighting, security guard patrols and closed-circuit television cameras, to make it likely that attacks will be noticed; and 3. security response, to repel, catch or frustrate attackers when an attack is...

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...THE ART OF CYBER WAR — ASYMMETRIC PAYOFFS LEAD TO MORE SPENDING ON PROTECTION 151 As Physical Security Converges With IT Security and Becomes More Network-Based, Can Cisco Compete? Cisco recently introduced new video surveillance IP cameras and monitoring software targeted for small businesses. As corporate security technology and services become increasingly network-delivered and database-driven, the physical security market presents a compelling incremental growth opportunity for Cisco that we believe can exceed the billion dollar annual revenue threshold in the next 35 years. The physical security industry has been undergoing a paradigm shift toward convergence, whereby previously disjointed functions of IT security and physical security are experiencing greater formal cooperation. Organizations continue to implement more IP-based video surveillance cameras and building access controls both to upgrade capabilities and to reduce operational costs. Deploying IP-based security upgrades capabilities and reduces operational costs. Through the IP network a security system can assign priority to data and automatically discover new nodes such as IP cameras and control sensors, eliminating the time and effort of manual provisioning. Shifting building access controls from isolated networks to existing IP networks that house data, voice, and video can improve incident detection and assessment, authenticating both the user and device to provide efficient integrity checks. • Video...

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