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Pitbull Discrimination

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Pit Bulls Dogs have been man’s best friend for hundreds of years. Pit bulls were considered “America’s Dog” for many years until people started to inherently misjudge them. Many of their characteristics that people are afraid of are made up and extremely incorrect, some are even impossible for any dog to possess. They are discriminated against without any basis other than skewed opinionated news stories and biased articles. Pit bulls are even an abundantly common household family pet, bought even for children. They are usually only aggressive when they have been raised by bad owners who abuse them, and they have even been proven to be less aggressive than many other dog breeds. Pit bulls are treated differently than other breeds; however, no dog should be discriminated against. There is a wonderful story of a heroic pitbull saving the life its loving owner. Lilly was a female pitbull who was owned by an elderly woman, whose name was Christine, to help her with her drinking problem. One day, Lilly and Christine were walking home from a friends’ house when Christine suddenly collapsed while crossing a set of railroad tracks. A train was coming towards her when the engineer finally saw her lying on the tracks. He frantically tried to slow the train but was unable to stop it completely and would have seriously injured killed her at the …show more content…
Many owners say that these dogs are very loving and the only reason that they may be aggressive is because they are not properly trained or have been abused. Most bite statistics are extremely skewed because many dog bites are blamed on pit bulls even if it was an entirely different breed that actually committed the crime (Hiding the Truth). There are even accounts of pit bulls saving their owners and sacrificing themselves in the process. Many families do have pit bulls and have never had a problem with their disposition towards their children and

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