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Team Meeting #1 9/25/2013
-All team members were present
-Decided on our topic: Security Issues involved with the transition from IPv4 to IPv6-Goal for next week: have all of our research papers together to divide among the team

Team Meeting #2 10/2/2013
-All team members were present
-Shared research papers among the team. Discussed potential topics for next semester to get a better idea of what to include in this phase of the paper.

Team Meeting #3 10/9/2013
-All team members were present.
- Discussed important points to cover based on our research, and laid down a rough outline for the background and introduction. Created and shared Google docs for the outline and for collaborative list of citable resources. Goal for this week: continue research and begin filling in the outline.

Team Meeting #4 10/16/2013
-All team members were present
-Continued filling in the outline.
-Goal for next week: Have it mostly complete!

Team Meeting #5 10/23/2013
-All team members were present
-Busy week for everyone. Continued filling in the outline.

Team Meeting #6 10/30/2013
-All team members present.
-Continued filling in rough draft. Working on continuity.

Team Meeting #7 11/6/2013
-All team members were present
-Mostly done with rough draft. Working to add more technical info into body.

Team Meeting #8 11/13/2013
-All team members were present
-Not much progress this week. Team focused on project 2.

Team Meeting #9 11/20/2013
-All team members were present
-Not much progress this week. Team focused on project 2.

Team Meeting #10
-meeting skipped this week for Thanksgiving. Goal for next week: have presentation done.

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