Political Awareness

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Political Awareness
Maria M. Arias
Nur 587
May 21, 2012
Amy Buchart

Political Awareness
Today’s health care system changes frequently with the many political issues that affect patient outcomes and nursing. It is important for nurse leaders to maintain a certain awareness of the changes and be active participates in advocating and decision-making of the political issues that arise for the health care field and nursing, especially in their particular field of practice. Although there may be times that a nurse leader may need to advocate for other fields of nursing, politics, and policy making.
Health care is affected by decisions made by the federal and state government. The persons in those seats are mainly political personal and not health care people. Because these people are not medical or nursing people, the decisions made may impact negatively the field or profession that is why it is important for nurse leaders and nurses to be aware of the decisions made about the profession and health care.
Becoming a member of a professional organization will help nurse leaders increase their knowledge about the issues affecting the nursing profession and health care in the federal and state level of legislation. Nurse leaders should consider participating in professional organizations and political issues to provide feedback and input that affect the delivery of health care and the nursing profession. Facility policy and services provided may be affected by the changes in managed care because of changes in regulation, laws, and national health care policies. Nursing professional organizations may keep nurses current with current policies and proposals within the local, state, and national governments. Obtaining information from nursing professional organizations may not require nurse leaders to become members, it is important to be active members to…...