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Pos 421preparing a Domain and Group Structures

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Organizational Units (OUs) will be place at the three locations. At each location there will be two administrative servers used: employee and management. These OUs will be utilized to governor user entree to login and resources. IT admin’s will have the ability to adjust user as they move through the business if their job roles change without needing to reconstruct their network accounts. Company A’ has come to a point in their business where is time to upgrade to a new and more affiant infrastructure. The foundation of this new Structure will be using Windows Server 2008 R2. Server 2008 has the ability to make the most of IT security and productivities by using feature in the organization and administration of the Active Directory system. The operating system uses a forest-based structure which will be used to proficiently manage Company A’s current and future locations. The basis of Company’s A’s domain will be located in Location one at Company Headquarters along with the help desk. It will be named The location one branch Domain Controller will be For each preceding location will also have a Domain Controller, also in the basis domain, and also named its current location. Location two will have as its Domain Controller and location three will have as its local Domain Controller. Each Domain Controller will have a copy of the universal catalog for accountability tolerance purposes. This will allow each of the locations to run login services in the off chance that the connection to corporate headquarters is down. Security maintenance will be simple task with the domain controllers spread out under one domain ("Preparing Your Active Directory Infrastructure For 2008", 2011). The advantage with one domain is with connected site links admins can push out security policies to the remote location. This supports in the lowering of admin expense since each location will not need admin on payroll does not require an admin on payroll. Another advantage of this schema is that employees will only need to be input in to the main Active Directory one and they will be able to utilize their login at any sanctioned business location. Official locations will be required with OUs. Employees will be placed in OUs that indicate what resources the employees are permitted to access. The executives OU will be permitted to login at any of the business location. Every store will furthermore have an OU named for them, and users at those location will only be allowed to log in at their location. An advantage in simplicity of the admin is that if an employee role changes and needs to transfer to another location within the company, the employee will not need a new account. They only need to be relocated in to the new appropriate OU .In order to certify the system runs effortlessly there will be a continuing maintenance tasks. These will make certain that the structure is kept up to date and that essential authorized and security necessities are met

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