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Positive And Negative Effects Of Native Americans During The Age Of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration was a time period when the Europeans sailed the oceans in order to find new trade routes. As a result, the Europeans stumble upon the New World. They established colonies in the New World and conquer the Native Americans that were living there. The Europeans goal was to become the most powerful and richest country in Europe. The Age of Exploration had both negative effects and positive effects. Although there were negative effects on the Native Americans, there were more positive effects on the Europeans. The Age of Exploration was due to Europeans sailing west in order to find new trade routes. However, instead of finding new trade routes they found an unknown place. That unknown place was the New World or the Americas. European sailors such as Christopher Columbus …show more content…
Many Native Americans died because when the Europeans came to the New World, they brought diseases along with them. The Native Americans did not know the disease so their bodies were infected the moment the disease got into them. The disease killed thousands of Native Americans. The Europeans were accustomed to the disease because the disease came from Europe. Another negative effect was that the Africans and the Native Americans were made into slavery. They were forced to do labor in the gold and silver mines. Some of them died due to the horrible conditions they were working in. In conclusion, sailors discovering the New World led to the Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration had both positive and negative effects. There were more positive effects for the Europeans than the Native Americans. One positive effect is that the products traded on the Columbian Exchange increased the life expectancy of Europeans. A negative effect of the Age of Exploration would be that the Native Americans and Africans were forced into labor and most of them died to diseases and the horrible

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