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Positive Effect of Technology on Communication

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Positive Effect of Technology on Communication
Technological development has had a strong impact on the way society communicates. The Internet technology has given people tools to not only keep in touch with each other, but also express their feelings and opinions to a broader audience
Keeping in Touch
For more than a century now, technological advances have brought the world closer, making communication across long distances easier. Online communication of all types is the most efficient yet, with email being a near-instantaneous version of the paper letter; webcams, paired with communication programs such as Skype, iChat or Google Video Chat, make it possible to see the person you are speaking with rather than just hear his voice.

Doing Business
The same technological advances have simplified and improved personal communication. Companies can expand beyond their local market and gain a wider customer base simply by maintaining an active online presence.
Overcoming Disabilities
Technology has both improved communication for disabled people. Hearing aids boost the hearing of partially deaf people, making it easier to understand speech. Devices give people with severe speech impairments a way to express themselves: perhaps the most famous user of such a device is scientist Stephen Hawking.
Reaching a Broader Audience
As people's ability to communicate improves, the reach of their messages widens. For instance, photos and video recorded covertly through a cell phone can be quickly and easily shared online through websites such as YouTube.

How technology changed communication? * Bad grammar habits abound in the age of e-mail and texting. * With the younger generation using cell phones more and more, experts say they may be losing essential skills. * This doesn't mean you should completely stop, the more important it is to communicate in...

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