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Honestly, I can’t bear to watch the whole thing because of its quality being all black and white with its audio singing its way to my dreams. So I ended up reading reviews, summaries, plots, and some parts of the book. I also encouraged myself hearing stories from everybody else for additional information. And here’s what I came up with, the movie is really disturbing. With its totalitarian nature, people don’t have any drop of freedom to taste, a space to be private, and people to be trustworthy. The environment they are living is depressing that they are manipulated by fear.

Everyone was scared to be themselves just because they are being watched 24/7. Following what is ordered even what to hate. With Winston, being tired and sick of what he’s living, wrote his diary even it is restricted. A small spark of mutiny was then created. Against the idea of being a slave of telescreens, the Thought Police, and Big Bro. He also had intimate relationship with a girl he met and started being intimate outside the ministry. Unfortunately, he got caught because even the person he trusted to be guarding the both of them while being at it is a loyal spy of the Thought Police. Tortured and brainwashed, Winston ended to be “cured.” These things remind me of what happened to our country during Martial Law. Everyone’s actions are observed by the Military. There is only one mighty ruler and dictator. Everything is horrifying, abuse are present in every sign of uprising and no is under exception to his rule. The “intimate” part, I can say is also a sign of rebellion. Winston silently shows it with Julie every now and then until the arrest came up. A simple violation that stood out the most and became very effective that they need to act against it immediately. Just like when kids are told not to do some things but in the end, because they are told not to do it, they tend to violate such rules to grab the others attention.

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