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Pre Numptial Agreement Paper

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I take on the role of Jeremy I would want to have a pre-nuptial agreement because of the martial strife I went through in my previous marriage I love my mate Marietta. She feels no need because we are getting along good but to my dismay I believe we are different because of our backgrounds I’m from America she is from the Philippines. Just that mere fact that we come from different cultural backgrounds ensure differences of opinions and we would be leading into an interracial marriage.” This could be a hard seeing that this is my second marriage and the divorce rate is 60-67% more likely” (Duzak, 2013). I feel very uneasy with not having a pre-nuptial agreement because of my past experience with divorce. I love you Marietta, but I want to be safe for financial and family reasons I have a son and I have amassed a nice financial situation for me and my son and I would not want to jeopardize our security for if we don’t work I just need you to see this thru the eyes of a man that has been through a lot mentally and financially because of not preparing the first time around.

“The rights of my pre-nuptial agreement consist of keeping finances separate, protecting each other from past debts from and providing for my son from my previous marriage and also keeping property in the family.”( I would want to do this to ensure my rights are legally accepted in this union. I want to reiterate that I really do love you but I want to have all my legal options open just in case this marriage fails. This would be a reason to say yes and have options also Marietta this helps you financially also my debts would be entirely mine and yours would be looked upon the same way.

My concerns also stem from the long legal battle with my former wife this took a toll on me mentally and financially and I survived this and got my son in this long legal battle and I feel like I...

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