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Prelude to a Kiss

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Prelude to a Kiss took place during the spring and summer in the late 1980s. The costumes that were worn reflected the time period and the season. The costumes were not futuristic or from the past, but rather fairly modern clothes. They were clothes that you might see someone wearing today. Since the play took place in the summer and spring, none of the costumes included anything heavy, such as coats or winter clothes. The costumes gave clues about the characters personalities and lives. The costumes were appropriate for each character. Mr. Boyle wore a suit, which reflected that he was a working man from the middle to upper class. Mrs. Boyle’s costume was that of a mother. The costume was not revealing and she was always put together. The old man, who was played by a female, had special effect makeup on which made the character of the old man look very real. The makeup made the actor look bald and wrinkly. Without the makeup, the character of the old man would not have been as believable and lifelike. The guests at the bar all had on costumes that were appropriate for night life. For example, the women at the bar were all dressed in dresses or skirts and heals. At the wedding, the characters costumes were all appropriate wedding attire, such as suits and dresses. Rita wore a typical long white wedding dress and had a bouquet of flowers. The minister seemed to be somewhat of a hippie or free spirit and her costume reflected on her personality. She had on a flowing shirt and sandals that gave her the appearance of a hippie, which directly reflected her personality. When Rita and Peter went to Jamaica, their costumes were appropriate for a beach setting. Rita wore a flowing dress over her swimsuit and Peter wore swimming trunks. The costumes of Rita and Peter made it look like they really belonged on a tropical island. Swimming suites are not appropriate clothing for everyday life, but perfect for a vacation on the beach. The Jamaican waiter’s costume indicated that he was a waiter and not just a tourist.

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