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Pretty Liitle Liars Twin Story

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pencer's POV
I was just sitting at my desk trying to finish my homework, when someone knocks in my door "Why can't I just escape from my family" I thought walking towards the door.
I open it ready to see my mom or maybe Melissa. But who I found is a much a better guest. "OH. EM. GEE!" I finally reacted and hugged her tightly. After being like that for what felt hours we let go from the embrace to look at each other.
And there she was. The last person I thought it could be. My best friend since before I even had memory. The person that I trusted with my life, even more that I could ever trust anyone. The girl that I thought I wouldn't see until my 16th Birthday. My twin sister, Carolyn Alyssa Hastings. We just stayed there, looking at each other. It seemed like forever since I last saw her, well technically I always saw her, she look just like me but it felt so nice to finally actually see HER. We were best friends since before I even had memory. Not matter what she was always there for me when mom and dad choose Melissa over us, over and over again. She was the strong one, not me. She didn't care that mom and dad played favorites with Melissa, she knew she was better than that. She didn't need mom and dad to tell her that she was perfect, because she knew that nobody was. Not even herself. She didn't care what people thought of her, as long as she knew who she truly was. She didn't care if everyone hated her as long as I didn't. She has always been like that. In change I just got confidence thrown at me like a baseball. I still wanted to be my parents' favorite and it hurts a lot that they still choose Melissa over me. Again. I don't show it anymore, I am a Hastings and the Hastings' don't cry, I used to though but only in front of Carolyn or by myself. I know that she will love that I have all this confidence now. But I know as a matter of fact she will hate that after everything, I still try to impress mom and dad. Or as Carolyn calls them Veronica and Peter.
As a matter of fact, Carolyn and I are really close, but even the closest siblings fight, right? Maybe we do it just kidding to bother each other most of times, but sometimes one of us just explodes and we don't speak for weeks.
"Hey Lil' Sis" said Carolyn with a huge grin over her face, I could feel her saying "Surprised Lil' Sis?" I wasn't even that much smaller than her; she was born exactly 15 minutes before me! Just fifteen! Aghhh! How I hated that nick name!
"Hello Carol" I said smiling, and saw how her face turned into a much angrier one. "OH! And I did it again! Carolyn 1 vs. Spencer 1"
"You know I hate that nick name!" She said ready to explode and inviting herself into the bedroom. "Okay. Time to back off. The opponent is in a bad mood. Repeat, opponent in a bad mood!" I thought.
"Sorry, I forgot okay!" I said smiling in a really annoying way, which I happen to know she hates too.
"Aha" She says with the same grin she had before, only this time it seemed even more evil. I could see she was planning revenge and as it wasn't that bad she'll probably just start a tickle war, but when it comes to Carolyn who knows?
I decided to ignore it and I jumped into my bed, Carolyn imitating my action while saying "Sooooooooo..." in that annoying way she knows I hate. "She is obviously trying to bother me right now"
"Sooooooooo...?" I repeat, seriously not understanding what on Earth she wanted to get with it.
"Oh! Common Lil' Sister! You know!"
"No I don't." I say frowning, I really do not understand where Carolyn is going with this and knowing her I am not that sure if I really want to know. Last time I ended up spilling the whole Jenna Thing to her and that wasn't even what she was asking about... She was asking to call Ali and tell her to come videochat with her. "Wait... That's it! She wants to go see her!"
I look up at my seriously annoying twin sister that is biting her lips waiting for my answer. "Ohhhhh. I get it" As I say that her smile grow bigger and it's actually kind of scary. "Sure we can go to Ali's. I'm sure she misses her bestie" I say with a smile bigger than Carolyn's and then we just burst out in laughter falling in the ground, laughing at nothing.
So you're probably wondering "How are they sisters and don't live together?" "Are they parents divorced or what?" No, they're not. I'll tell you why we don't live together and why the only people in town that knows about Carolyn are the Dilaurentis' and Toby Cavanaugh, I think that he knows but I am seriously not sure.
My sister and I are eight years old, we lived in Washington,DC , because of our parents jobs that seemed the better place to live, but my mom got a really good job offer at Rosewood. So we had to move just moved, so we didn't know anybody, just the neighbors the Dilaurentis'.
We became friends with their daughter, Alison; we became really close in really short time, two days to be exact. We didn't get out much and if we did we were mostly at mom's office.
After a month we were still close to Alison, and we still didn't know anyone else. One day mom and dad came with huge smiles in their faces, and a really pissed Melissa.
"Mommy, Daddy!" we said and run to hug them which they happily accepted, and we felt kind of weird because they didn't hugged us unless it was our birth day, which it wasn't.
"Hello sweethearts" Said dad smiling at us. "What did you do today?"
"Nothing interesting." Said Carolyn.
"Do you girls want to know what do we have here?" asked mom pointing at an envelope that dad was holding. We just nodded. "This is a scholarship to the best boarding school in London! Everybody that goes there gets into Harvard; do you girls want to know who this is for?" We nodded again. "To you Carol!"
And right there my sister's face fell completely. "But London is very far from here mommy! I don't want to go!"
"But you're going!" Said my mom in an angrier tone. "You are so going Carolyn! It is hard enough to get into that school. Having you there would make you use that beautiful gift of knowledge that you have, and not let it go to waste like in a regular school! Plus is just 10 years and you'll come for the holidays and summer vacation!" My mom finished. With saying that we all knew that Carolyn's gift mom was talking about was her high IQ. You see my sister has an IQ of 188, so she is really smart, like the smartest person in Pennsylvania, I think, I don't really now, I'm six.
"But you can't separate me from Spencer, she is my twin sister!"
"Yes and you'll see her when you come to visit now go with Melissa she'll help you pack your bags. You're living in a week" said dad with a much more sympathetic tone that mom's.
"Ok, I'll go pack. But I won't do it with Melissa, but with Spencer and I'll go call Ali" she said heading towards the back door but before exciting she said "By the way, I hate you both. Veronica and Peter" and she left.
I think that's the only time I saw my mom cry, it was so weird. Melissa just stayed there with her stupid superiority grin, god I hate her.
"A week passed and Carolyn didn't spend a lot of time with me and Ali, only Saturday that we swim at our pool.
I think I saw her once or twice with Toby Cavanaugh, I think she likes him. Wouldn't blame her, he is kind of cute... Wait! What am I saying! No I don't like him, eww. Okay, were was I?"
Just then mom came in interrupting my thoughts "Spencer, have you seen Carolyn? We need to live."
I was about to answer her but Carolyn came down with dad and all her bags.
"I'm here Veronica" She said walking towards us, and I could see she was not happy. "Hey Spence!" She said smiling at me.
"Carolyn, when are you going to stop calling me that?"
"When am I gonna decide what to do with MY life?"
"We've talked about this Carolyn, you're eight. One day you'll be grateful that we're doing this for you" Said my dad trying to lighten the mood.
"Highly doubt that…" Carolyn murmured to herself, but yet everyone heard.
My mom was about to say something, but the doorbell rang and she went to get it, when she came back Ali was behind her.
"Hey C, Hey Spence." She said and we went to hug her.
"Hello Ali" We said in unison smiling.
"Mrs: Hastings I hope you don't mind if I go with you to the airport in Philly with you? My mom said it was okay, with your permission." Said Ali in the sweeter way she could.
"Sure Ali" Answered my mom smiling. "Now lets go before its late." She rushed us into the car.
The ride was really fun; Ali, Carolyn and me just kept laughing and joking aroud while mom and dad tried to have a normal conversation in the front part of the car.
When we finally got to the airport at philly it was all tears from mom and dad, and Carolyn just couldn't resist the tentation.
"Of course, I am about to live and you cry some tears but if it woul've been Melissa you would be crying oceans for me wouldn't you?" She snapped.
My mom just stood there speechles, while Ali and I tried not to laugh at the situation.
Dad, knowing what would happen next said "Okay sweetie, why don't you go buy ice-cream to the girls while we say our goodbyes?" He asked my mom who simply nodde and walked away still in shock for what Carolyn had said.
Once she was gone, dad looked at Carolyn and told her " Don't do that again, okay? I won't be always there to save you, got it?" she nodded in response and hugged him.
After that, she said goodbye to Ali and me and hugged us, but before letting go she said "I'll miss you girls. Best Friends Forever and Ever?"
After we escaped her embraced we said at the same time "Forever and Ever" and hugged her again.
"Common! I can't wait to see her!" Said Carolyn getting up and jumping aruond like a five year old. I laughed at her before saying "Okay, okay let's go!"
"Yay!" She whined before running donw stairs.
I have missed her so much.
(A/N: Hi every1! So I am always reading fanfics but I have never written one, so the other day I thought I'll do one and I came up with this, so if you like it please review or if there is any idea you have please tell me I would really love that! If you have any questions just send me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can, I'll update as much as I can. Probably would be a lot now since I am sick, but you don't want to hear the story of my life. So thanks for reading and kisses to everyone. Spoby forever, really hope Toby is in the A team for what he said, bye-bye! thanks for reading!)

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