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Primal Cry All humans are connected whether or not they do see the connection; for example, when one person is mad and he or she takes their madness out on another person and that person gets effected and the domino effect occurs where the whole community is effected just by that person’s mood. Humans are also connected to their ancestors due to their physical and mental characteristics, such as one guy is naturally strong because one of his ancestors needed the strength for his or her survival. Joseph Conrad goes into explicit detail about how all humans are in touch to their ancestors in the sense of mental reactions. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad uses Marlow’s instincts in the jungle to demonstrate how even today humans are in touch with their primal senses. In the beginning of Heart of Darkness part 2, Marlow and the crew of his ship are sailing along the Congo River at night and then their senses change from exploring the Congo to heading back to some “home.” “ The prehistoric man was cursing us, praying to us, welcoming us - who could tell ? We were cut off from the comprehension of our surroundings ; we glided past like phantoms, wondering and secretly appalled, as sane men would be before an enthusiastic outbreak in a madhouse. We could not understand because we were too far and could not remember, because we were traveling in the night of first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign — and no memories.”(Conrad 91) The reason why Marlow and the crew felt like they were familiar with the prehistoric looking Congo was because their ancestors had been there before or a place just like it. Not only were Marlow’s ancestors running around in a place similar to the Congo but they were trying to survive off of it and live another day so they could have their own offspring which meant no limits in order

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