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Prisoon Gangs


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Security Threat Gangs In Prison

There has been a major concern of gangs in correctional facilities. This phenomenon has been common in prisons since 1960s, and continues to be a major problem over the years in correctional structures. In the year 1920, the number of prison gang was over 1300 in Chicago city and many other cities liked Los Angeles had started witnessing prison gangs. To critically understand this problem, it is important to explore the history and type of prison gangs that exist. In most prisons there is frequent unruly behavior and violence because of the prison environment. The kind of lifestyle among inmates makes a society of its own. The modern gangs have distinct colors of clothing’s particularly for identification. They come from all race, black, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian.
The Aryan brotherhood gang originated in 1967, California’s San Quentin state prison was the hub of this gang. The gang was set up to protect white inmates from other dangerous gangs of the African and Hispanic origin. Initially, the gang was known as the “bluebird” or “Nazi gang” and most of its members were from the white supremacy, Irish and Germany origin. The group received money from drug traffic to sustain its source of operations in the prisons. The condition that required an inmate to join the AB group was to murder one person that was targeted by the group (Parenti, 2000). On the other hand, members of the gang who were freed from the prison dedicated their time and resources to those who were still in jail. The AB gang was orderly in leadership and management of resources (Carceral, 2006). It had a council of three members who were in charge of family funds, disciplinary matters and finance. Blood in and blood out was the slogan that ensured new recruits were supposed to kill a person and termination of

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