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Procedural Email Message Assignment

Zaneta Hailstock

ENG 315 – Professional Communications

Professor Wilmoth

October 14, 2014

Date: August 23, 2014

TO: All Foundation Employees

SUBJECT: New Procedure for Downloading Pay Stubs.


To reduce paper waste and cut back on administration costs, the company is switching all of our personal functions online. Beginning September 1st, payroll as well as all personal information, including your taxes and pay stubs will be available on Paychex total benefits solution technology (Paychex

You can login to Paychex online anytime throughout the year and print copies of your current and past pay stubs. You can also access your employment information and important tax documents.

If you don't understand the new procedure or need assistance operating the new online payroll system, please contact your human resource manager or store manager.

Kelly Gotthardt
Director of Retail

First Time Paychex ONLINE Users

1. Go to

2. Clink on the "Register Now" link located on the right hand side of your screen.

3. When prompted, enter your LAST NAME, Date of Birth, and your Social Security Number. For security purposes you will also be asked to type a randomly generated security code that will be presented when the page loads.

4. Follow the directions provided on the site to complete your registration and setup your online account.

Returning PAYCHEX ONLINE Users

1. Go to https//

2. You will see "Login" on the right of your screen where you can enter your Username and Password and then click

Please note: if you have forgotten your username and/or password, click on the “Login Help" link.…...