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Process of Doing Assignment

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A report on describing the process of doing assignments

Prepared by: Truong Manh Tuong A student from: IB2014A December 7, 2014


FINDINGS I. Data Collection II. Data Analysis


This report was to clarify the process of doing assignments.
The investigation was done by ………………
The main findings were that ……………
It was concluded that ………………
The recommendations are that ……… should be …………….


The purpose of this report is to describe the process of Group 2 – IB2014A students in doing assignment of each subject in a semester and what students were still struggling with.
The report examines . It does not consider because …………
The information for this report was gathered from the following sources: * A questionnaire given to the students * The Internet

FINDINGS I. Data collection:
In order to find out the students’ evaluation on the process of doing assignment, the questionnaire was used as an instrument to find out what students were still struggling with.
Questionnaires were delivered to 23 participants on 4th December 2014. It took the participants 10 minutes to finish their surveys. Right after that, 23 questionnaires were collected by the researcher.

II. Data Analysis:
As a part of the report, the questionaire present a deep perspective on the process of doing assignment of each student from IB2014A. The questionaire has 5 questions and each question has a particular mission on create a wide view of this process.

The first question focused on the time that each student use on doing assignment from previous subject, INS1107. As you can see above, chart A is a pie chart present how much time IB2014A students spend on doing previous assignment. There is about 54% of students from IB2014A completed their assignment in over 12 days of 3 weeks. On the other hand, the number of students who spent 8-12 days of 3 weeks on their assignment take 29%, about half of the number of students who used over 12 days to do their assignment. And from the result of the questionaire, 10% of students did their assignment under 5 days of 3 weeks and 7% of students who finished their assignment in 5-8 days of 3 weeks.
The next question present students’s expectation on teacher about teaching in class in order to make a good assignment. Chart B will give you a closer look on this issue.

From chart B, most of students, 70%, wanted various topics on the content of class. The others, 17% of them wanted to have more class of grammar and vocabulary, 5% expected to be teached more about bibliography or referencing and 8% wanted other things.
Chart C is the result after collecting answer on third question of questionaire given to students from IB2014A. The chart shows that 10 of 23 students spend most of their time on planning for the assignment, and is double the number of students who take most of the time doing revising and editing process.Both writing and researching process have the same number,4, of students doing it in most of the time.
The question number 4 concentrated on the source that students use to make their research for the assignment. Following the chart D above, Internet is the most popular source with 85% of students used it to do research on their assignment. The second place is books and journals with 10% of students that were given the questionaire use on doing assignment. The rest of them used other sources on researching.

The last question is aimed to find out the most difficult thing of writing part on doing assignment that most of students were still struggling with. Most of them agreed that avoiding distractions is the most difficult thing in writing part. There are just only 1 student was still struggling with the vocabulary and 2 students found that grammar is the most hardest section in writing part.


If any conclusions may be drawn from this report, they are, perhaps, as follows: *

From these conclusions, it is therefore recommended that:
(Or In the light of these conclusions, I recommend that ……..should be ….)



1. How much time did you spend on doing previous assignment? A. Under 5 days/3 weeks B. 5-8 days/3 weeks C. 8-12 days/3 weeks D. 12-15 days/3 weeks E. Over 15 days/3 weeks 2. What you and your friends expect to be taught more in order to make a good assignment? A. Various topics B. Grammar and vocabulary C. Bibliography D. Others 3. Which part did you spend most time in the process of doing assignment? A. Planning B. Researching C. Writing D. Revising and Editing 4. Which source did you use the most in doing assignment? A. Books or Journals B. Internet C. Others 5. Which was the most difficult thing on the writing part of an assignment? A. Vocabulary B. Grammar C. Biliography D. Avoiding distractions E. Others


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