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Professional Development Goal


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Personal Education Philosophy
Shingiro Bertin
Regis University

EDFD405_XJ70_Perspectives in Education
Sylvia Miller
21st Aug. 2014
Everyone, I mean scholars must be given chance to become whatever they want to be in their life. My methodology of teaching is to make every students count and my education should be founded on truths and realities. I wish to have a class which is excellent and fair. Everyone of this class should accept and respect his fellow students, even others. These days, education has been simply a memorization of realities; however, as Cooper (2007) stated,” Education is a lifelong learning process; it starts long before we begin school and should be an ongoing part of our lives (p.25).” my education should promote learning and continued learning to ensure the development of our societies.
In teaching I don’t want to be like I am simply informing students, according to Cooper (2007),” in perennialism, the teacher’s role is to deliver clear lectures; increase students' understanding with critical questions.” Questions should be there to ensure that the lesson is well-understood. I will every time ask my students what they are thinking on each lesson I will be giving to get views of them. As Cooper (2007) supported,” mastery of questioning skills contributes to students’ learning and thus is important for effective teaching (p.175).”I will inspire my students to be active by asking me questions on what they didn’t get well and I will try to exploit every minute of mine to teach them. The fact is that every student can learn, but it is up to me, the teacher to know the way of learning of my scholars. According to Jean Piaget’s constructivism theories, “the pursuit of student questions and interests is valued” which is a helpful hint from this man on empowering students. Their questions have to be considered too know what they are thing as were not

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