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I. Core Book:

a. Week 2:
- Core text Ch.7 (pp.192-221)
b. Week 4a:
- Core text Ch. 3 (pp. 60-84)
c. Week 5a:
- Core Text Ch. 13 pages 402-405
d. Week 7ab:
- Core text Ch.14 (pp.433-438)
- Core text (2008) pp. 13-15 and 60-61
e. Week 9ab:
- Core text Ch. 14 & 15
- Core text Ch 16 pp.482-504
f. Week 11:
- Core Text, Chapter 19, Pages 592-606

II. Other Book:

a. Week 3a3b:
- Read Moffet, M., Stonehill, A. & Eiteman, D. (2006) Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, Chapter 11, 12 & 13.
- Deutsche Banks Global Registered Shares (pp.332-333).
- Tirstup Biomechanics (Denmark): Raising Dollar Debt (pp.357-359)

b. Week 5b
- Sanyal (2001). International Management: A Strategic Perspective (Prentice Hall), Ch.2, pp.66-77

c. Week 6ab:
- Read Moffet, M., Stonehill, A. & Eiteman, D. (2006) Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, Chapter 20 & Read Stanley Works & Corporate Inversion (pages 541-545)

d. Week 7a 7b:
- Moffat, Stonehill & Eiteman (2006). Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, Ch.19
- Gardner & Weirich (1992). Business Investigations: How CFOs can manage risk through information, Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, Vol.10, Issue 1, (pp.129-139).
- Madura & Fox (2007). International Financial Management, Ch. 19, pp.652, 659-661

e. Week 8a :
- Chetty, S. & Campbell-Hunt, C. (2004) ‘A Strategic Approach to Internationalization: A Traditional Versus a “Born-Global” Approach’, Journal of International Marketing, 12 (1), pp. 57-81.
- Knight, G. A. (2001) ‘Entrepreneurship and strategy in the international SME’, Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 7, pp. 155-171.

- Moen, O. & Servais, P. (2002) ‘Born Global or Gradual Global? Examining the Export Behaviour of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’, Journal of International Marketing, 10 (3), pp. 49-72.

f. Week 12ab:

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