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Project 3A Analysis

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The project, which I am going to substantially revise is project 3A because I enjoyed this project the best, I was disappointed with the grade I got for this project and I believe that I could bring my grade up from a
B- to an A on this particular paper. I like setting myself challenges and by revising this project I am determined to redo it to the best of my ability and get a better score on it. To achieve a better grade on this paper I am going to respond more critically to the text, identify more evidence and also use quotes throughout my essay.

Rebekah McMullan
ENG. 100E
Project 3A
Dr. Malone
Fall 2014
Fighting for justice
I have chosen to analyze an article written by Brittney Cooper, the article is called “Dark skinned and plus-sized: …show more content…
The writer explains of how the judges set out to humiliate her in front of everybody just because her spoken language wasn’t as good. The writer uses very moving words such as “gut-wrenching”, “heartbreaking” and “ugly truth”. These words touch the reader and opens their eyes to the things that happen in everyday life. The use of the authors moving words leads to her logical …show more content…
Even though I am a part of the white community I agree with the points that Brittney Cooper is trying to argue. I believe society today is very judgmental towards how people look, just because Rachel is black doesn’t mean she’s not intelligent. I understand fully why the writer felt her “pressure start to rise”. Some people set out to purposely humiliate innocent people which I believe is a disgrace. The jury use their “way of speaking and communicating, to give them power” (line 21), this should be shunned upon because Rachel is still smart as she speaks Hatican Kneyal, Spanish and English while the average person can usually only speak one language. I feel pity when I read this article because I believe everybody should have equal rights and everybody should be able to voice their own opinions. Racism will never go away because children nowadays are following in their parent’s footsteps and being encouraged not to mingle with different races. In the country which I live in 10000 school children were suspended or expelled in the last year for accounts associated with racial abuse or misconduct. The fact that Rachel was branded as “precious” due to her “lack of polish” shows that they thought she was confused and didn’t know what she was talking about. I agree with the article because I believe that black people can be powerful too

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