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Project 4


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Project 4:
Performance Measure Critique Paper


Summarize the control function and describe how it fits into the planning, organizing, and leading functions of management. In addition, include a discussion of the importance of accurate and timely information and the link between planning and controlling. This part of the project should be more than 1 page, but no more than 2 pages, double-spaced.

Presented below are several different types of performance measures. Please select two specific measures of each type or you may identify your own measures for each type.

For each measure you have selected or identified, explain what the measure is, evaluate the usefulness and importance of the measure, and discuss what potential actions an organization may consider in light of the outcomes of the measure.

You should have a total of eight measures, two for each type.

• Human Resource Measures: performance evaluations, productivity reports, turnover, absenteeism, employee satisfaction survey • Financial Measures: profit/loss, return on investment, profit margin, change in level of sales, budget comparisons and analysis • Market Position Measures: market share, size of company in comparison to competitors, global distribution and sales measures • Product/Service Measures: customer satisfaction survey, rate of customer returns, product rate of failure, number of clients served

This part of the paper should be between 3 and 4 pages long. In total the project should be between 5 and 6 pages long, double-spaced and a Cover Page should be included.

Due Date:

Post the project to your Assignments folder no later than Sunday midnight at the end of Week 8. Please submit the assignment as a file attachment using a file title “Firstname Lastname Project 4”.

Before you submit the project, please be sure to proofread for

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