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Project Evaluation

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Project Evaluation

Section I – Evaluation Theory in General
The Minor Adjustment, new vision project is a 10 weeks program that motivates youth to succeed against all odds. In the conclusion of the project the evaluation will take place. The program evaluation is a systematic process of determining whether or not Minor Adjustment new vision project was successful (Babbie, 2007). Program evaluation is so important; it assesses the program’s effectiveness. The purpose of evaluation is to integrate planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting. In addition, the evaluation sees success and learns from it (Babbie, 2007). It also, recognizes failure and provides the opportunity to correct it.
The Minor Adjustment, New Vision project evaluation will consist of two different types, formative and summative. Formative evaluation is generally any evaluation that takes place before or during a project’s implementation with the aim of improving the project’s design and performance. A formative evaluation strengthens or improves the program. Formative evaluation often lends itself to qualitative methods of inquiry. The questions asked in formative evaluation are generally more open and lead to exploration of processes, both from the viewpoint of participants, but also from that of project staff and investors (Kettner, Moroney, & Martin, 2008). The use of participatory evaluation is particularly relevant and appropriate to formative evaluation. Formative evaluation complements summative evaluation and is essential for trying to understand why a program works or doesn’t, and what other factors (internal and external) are at work during a project’s life.
The second type of evaluation is summative. Summative evaluation looks at the impact of an intervention on the target group(Kettner, Moroney, & Martin, 2008).This type of evaluation is arguably what is…...

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