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Scenario: You are employed as an Office manager in London that provides services around the world in the area of management development. You were asked by the Managing Director to lead the relocation of your company to Banbury, Oxfordshire in order to reduce costs.

Project Title: Relocation to Banbury- Oxfordshire.
Project management is managing a work project by proper scheduling and planning. Project management wants harmonization from the top to the bottom and they are all oriented on what essentials to be fixed in the business.
Business objectives that should be maintained during the relocation project
• The target of business income, which is 10% growth annually.
• Decreasing the material costs related with office space and increases the profitability.
• Maintaining producing capacity of the business.
• Improvement of the class of provision and the workplace to the consultants and clients
• Updating the Information Technology systems and services for the business
• Minimalizing of the human resource expenditures related with the transfer

Projects that has been identified during relocations are,

1) Visit the new location and design the office spaces and interior.
2) Arrange the new place with necessary furniture and upholstery.
3) Verify and connect the electricity and air condition systems.
4) Prepare and arrange the restrooms and water connection.
5) Prepare and verify the Internet and telephone connections.
6) Plan a weekend to transport the computers and other equipment to new office.
7) Recommence the following working day in the new office space without any confusion.

GANTT Chart for the project:

The Gantt chart is a famous tool used to design a project with respect to its target time and sub projects and shows in a graphical format (, 2012). In our project chart, the sub projects and its time duration is…...

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