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Chapter 1

Interface with the Junior Secondary Curriculum
Principles of Curriculum Design

Chapter 2



Literature in English Curriculum Framework

Strands and Learning Targets
Learning Objectives
Generic Skills
Values and Attitudes
Broad Learning Outcomes

Chapter 3


Curriculum Planning

3.1 Planning a Balanced and Flexible Curriculum
3.2 Central Curriculum and School-based Curriculum Development
3.2.1 Integrating Classroom Learning and Independent Learning
3.2.2 Maximizing Learning Opportunities
3.2.3 Cross-curricular Planning
3.2.4 Building a Learning Community through Flexible Class
3.3 Collaboration within the English Language Education KLA and Cross
KLA Links
3.4 Time Allocation
3.5 Progression of Studies
3.6 Managing the Curriculum – Role of Curriculum Leaders
Chapter 4



Learning and Teaching

4.1 Approaches to Learning and Teaching
4.1.1 Introductory Comments
4.1.2 Prose Fiction
4.1.3 Poetry




4.1.4 Drama
4.1.5 Films
4.1.6 Literary Appreciation
4.1.7 Schools of Literary Criticism
4.2 Catering for Learner Diversity
4.3 Meaningful Homework
4.4 Role of Learners
Chapter 5



5.1 Guiding Principles
5.2 Internal Assessment
5.2.1 Formative Assessment
5.2.2 Summative Assessment
5.3 Public Assessment
5.3.1 Standards-referenced Assessment
5.3.2 Modes of Public Assessment


Quality Learning and Teaching Resources


6.1 Use of Set Texts
6.2 Use of Other Learning and Teaching Resources


Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Supporting Measures

7.1 Learning and Teaching Resource Materials
7.2 Professional Development


Appendix 1 Examples of Poetry Analysis


Appendix 2 Examples of...

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...EN4 Hand Outs Lifelong Learning Intuitive Insight ( realization) Theatre of Life Enriching Education Radical richness Artistry of form and language /described : Philosophical choice of word Truth in the telling Undeniably pleasurable Rapturous appreciation Epiphany in experience * Literature * an art whose medium is language used to affect the imagination. * words themselves can evoke a response even when they are spoken independently of a grammatical setting such as a sentence. * Fiction writers & poets share many of the techniques of literature because their effects depend or universal language art. * points up it’s relationship to other serial arts such as music, dance,& film ( Humanities) * Happens in time * In order to receive it, we must be aware of what is happening now,remember what happened before anticipate what is to come. * A Work of Literature * A construction of separable elements like a structure. * The details of the scene , character or event/group of symbols can be conceived of as the bricks in the wall of literary structure. * If we miss one detail of the story,it would be incomplete comprehension for the readers. * The most important reason why we study literature is not about “what” but “How”.(Literature statement should be beyond peripheral) * Theme * Main idea of literary work is usually a structural decision,comparable to an architectural decisions. * consistency...

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