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1. Which document should the clerk compare with the DCR to find the omitted item?

The change document The shortage annex The hand receipt The MTOE

2. After identifying which item has been omitted, you should ensure that the clerk does which of the following BEFORE ordering a new item and posting the document number to the shortage annex: WRONG

Destroy the existing documents Add the item to the Document register Make no changes to the documents Place the item number on the shortage annex

3. You have been furnished three documents (maintenance section hand receipt DA Form 2062, MTOE and PCN: ALV-151) (figures below). Using the documents, determine the authorized quantity for LIN# W33004 for the Maintenance section.

29 28 20 25

4. You are preparing to conduct an inventory on the unit?s organization property. What do you refer to in order to get the latest updates on technical manuals, supply catalogs (SC) and supply bulletins? WRONG

AR 25-400-2 FEDLOG AMDF DA PAM 25-30

Figure 5-1.

5. SSG Brown just issued the Generator set, LIN: G74711, NSN: 6115-01-275-5061, Sn: G472221 to Paul J. Sfransky on the Temporary Hand Receipt in the figure above. Where does Paul J. Sfransky sign the DA Form 3161?

Signature not required 1 3 2

6. How would you verify that equipment is being issued to the intended user, and determine if the individual is still assigned to the unit?

Use the unit personnel roster and the DA Form 1687 signature card Use the MTOE and the hand receipt Use DA Form 1687 signature card and platoon roster Use the battalion personnel roster and the DA Form 1687 signature card

7. The maintenance NCO has been notified that he is moving to the Battalion staff. He has to sign his property over to the shop foreman. Before the inventory can take place, what action must you take with the maintenance NCO?s hand receipt documentation? WRONG

Destroy all current documentation Post all change documents to the hand receipt Prepare a temporary hand receipt for the shop foreman Attach all change documents to shop foreman?s new hand receipt

8. In checking the armorer's DA Form 3749, you ask the armorer what information does she use to verify individuals are still assigned to this organization? The armorer should reply, you will use:

Only the SOP, Unit Personnel Roster Only the Individual ID card, Master Authorization List Master Allocation List, Unit Personnel Roster and appropriated DA Form 2062 Only the Master Authorization List and Unit Personnel Roster

Figure 9-1.

9. Refer to your component hand receipt (Figure above) to identify the individual who should sign this hand receipt.

Jimmy Pain, SPC Steven W. Pearce, CPT Bob K. Stein, SFC John L. Doe, SPC

10. You have been informed that the Training NCO has gone on emergency leave for two weeks. The Operations Sergeant has to administer company level CTT training. The training will only be four days long. The commander has tasked you to go to the Training Department to get all the training material and issue it to the operations sergeant. What document will you use to issue the material to the Operations Sergeant?

DA Form 2062 as a Change Document DA Form 2062 as a Temporary Hand Receipt DA Form 3161 as a Change Document DA Form 3161 as a Temporary Hand Receipt

11. Your clerk is in the process of receiving unserviceable components to equipment on the Maintenance NCO?s hand receipt. What should he do with the original change document?

Give it to the hand receipt holder File it with the original hand receipt File it in the suspense files Destroy it

12. Which of the following must be on separate hand receipts?

MTOE and Organization CTA 50 and Organization Installation and CTA 50 Organization and Installation

13. The Maintenance NCO is preparing to sign his hand receipt. He is doing a final verification of the end item data on his component hand receipt. What document should he be using to verify the end item data posted on the shortage annex? WRONG

Hand Receipt MTOE ALV-151 Technical Manual

14. Your new company commander is reviewing the Primary Hand Receipts before starting the joint inventory. He asks you, what kind of responsibility does he have for property assigned to his command? You should answer that for the care, proper use, and safekeeping of government property, the commander has:

Direct and Command responsibility Direct and Primary responsibility Command and Primary responsibility Command and Temporary responsibility

15. The commander came to you for information on the upcoming change-of-command inventories. He wanted to know what action to take to prepare for the inventory. You should inform the commander that:

The inventory will be your responsibility, not hers There does not need to be an inventory at the commander level, according to DA PAM 710-2-1 Only Installation property has to be inventoried by the incoming and outgoing Primary Hand Receipt Holders All property listed on the hand receipts (Installation and Organization) will be inventoried by both himself and the incoming Primary Hand Receipt Holder

16. Your new company commander asks you who he should see to sign for the company's equipment. You advise him that he should see: WRONG

You, the supply sergeant The Battalion Commander The Property Book Officer The Activity Chief

17. While reviewing his component hand receipt, prior to signing it, the armorer asks you what publication provides the guidance for preparing and completing a component hand receipt? You tell him:

DA PAM 710-2-1 AR 710-2 DA PAM 710-2 DA FORM 2062

18. You have instructed your clerk to post all change documents for the armorer?s hand receipt to the corresponding hand receipt shortage annex. After posting all the changes, your clerk brings all of the change documents and places them in your in-box. It is obvious she needs guidance. What should she have done with the posted change documents? WRONG

Destroyed them Filed them Forwarded them to the PBO for review Forwarded them to the hand receipt holder

19. While reviewing the armorer's hand receipt, a possible shortage comes to your attention. What two documents would you use to verify that the equipment in question is on hand or on request?

DA FORM 2064 and DA FORM 2765 MTOE and DA FORM 2062 MTOE and DA FORM 2064 DA FORM 2064 and DA FORM 2062

20. Today?s date is 28 September 2001. You are doing a walk through of the company area with the Commander and the First Sergeant. While inspecting the battalion conference room, you notice that the date on the Inventory List is 28 April 2001. What action should you take?

Destroy the out-of-date document Conduct an inventory No action is required until 28 October 2001 No action is required until 28 April 2002

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