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Statistics is required at each stage of research beginning from planning to the end, in order to advance scientifically significance and to acquire dependable results. The use of inappropriate statistical method, technique and the analysis basis time and cost lost and most prominently thinking in the way of scientific ethics, it provides destruction to science and humanity. Even if the study is sensibly scheduled to conduct as a result of application with errors, the misrepresentative results might be attained. That leads other errors who proceeds as reference to those studies.[Ercan, 2007].
Some Examples of Misleading Statistics
This is not the similar thing as saying that all women are better drivers than men, though many people, by the look of some insurance company advertisements, look to think that is exactly what it means. In fact it simply shows that, on average, a woman between the ages of 20 and 65 who drives a car will have had fewer accidents than a man of the same age, driving the same car. The data is drawn almost exclusively from insurance company statistics. It may not, however, be accurate, as few people bother to alert insures if they clip the mirror or scratch the paint.
Here is another example of distorting statistics:
Toddlers Who Attend Pre-school Exhibit Aggressive Behavior:
A study was conducted on four-year-olds, comparing those who went to preschool and socialized with other children, with those that stayed at home with their mothers. It measured aggressive behavior such as stealing toys, pushing other children and starting fights.
It showed that children who went to pre-school were three times more likely to be aggressive than those who stayed at home with their mothers. The statistics were well documented and were, technically, accurate. The report used these statistics to persuade parents to keep their children at home until

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