Reasoning Aptitude/Career Planning

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Part I – Reasoning Aptitude
In this paper I will be discussing my results based upon my ethical lens inventory assessment. The results indicate ranging from strongest to weakest in strengths as follows:
* Adhering to Values
* Delivering Results
* Following Instructions
* Writing
* Cooperating
* Organizing
The profile indicates that I should work well in careers where success comes from applying practical skills and thinking is used mostly to solve practical problems. I guess this also ties in to me being accessed as an analytical thinker.
Learning about my reasoning skills will help improve how I write and research for paper and give future presentations. With beginning any project you must understand and adhere to the instructions that are supplied for the completion of the project and I’ve learned through the assessment that I have a strong strength of following instructions. Instruction will also enhance to value of the project. Adhering to values is another strength that I have and it’s vital to me within anything that I do because I like to complete things to the best of my ability.
When writing a paper for a presentation I think that my strengths of adhering to values and following instructions will make the presentation more successful. Also organizing the materials that were researched to create written material for a presentation is something that should provide excellent results. In a work environment these skills will allow me to be become a more productive person. Knowing that these are some of my strongest skills will allow me to perform at my peak when using these skills in harmony.

Part II – Career Planning
Being that I’m currently a small business owner, I plan to further expand my business after graduation. I’m hoping that I will be more equipped and knowledgeable to market my business more effectively.