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Redbull's Marketing Technique

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Red Bull incorporates an extreme marketing mix to create an adventurous image for their consumers. Red Bull’s unique selling position is the ability to bring out the emotions associated with speed, adventure, daring, and power with promotion and aggressive sponsorships in extreme sports like moto-cross, enduro-cross, downhill mountain biking, paragliding, sky-diving etcetera using social media, and heavy advertising. This helped the company to create a vigorous campaign with high energy and high action winning over millions of young people who actively seek and easily identify with those qualities. Red Bull’s profits and financial approaches have allowed them to spend millions a year on promoting events such as the Red Bull Flugtag, Rampage, and Hard Enduro. Each one of these events is revamped each year to push the envelope further than any other similar event to surpass its predecessor. Not only do they continue these events but constantly are looking to fund the next big thing to keep their name at the top of the extreme sports industry. By sponsoring events like the Stratosphere Jump, this set a new world record for the highest free fall jump and was world news. The international company sponsors events around the world, and are recognized by followers worldwide. This is due to the fact that Red Bull incorporates their advertising, sales teams, sales promotions and PR to create events that appeal to all of their consumers and are publicized throughout the world and are synonymous with awe inspiring video and events that push the edge and are entertaining to a majority of the energy drink market. Overall, Red Bull’s marketing strategy is well incorporated, with all sectors focused on creating an extreme lifestyle image. This image has created a large following and profit margin for the company during its existence. As long as Red Bull continues to push

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