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Reducing the School Budget


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Reducing the School Budget
Michael Williams
Grand Canyon University: EDA-535
Professor Angie Smith
September 17, 2014

The Education Reform dream Camden is In need of.

What ails the City of Camden’s schools system was instinctively a lack of correct leadership to guide the Education Reform, policy into the right direction, and oversight is the blame of its downfall. Charter schools the answer or a failing problem designed to dismantle the public school system as we know it, and the door opener for the gravitation of for-profit companies to get right from the exploitation of a poor city, in need of the right vision to guide it back into sustainability. Is government oversight, the direction needed to build a promising tomorrow, in what is missing from the direction Camden is now viewed as or the get rich scheme companies have been waiting for to cash in on. The business end of school budgeting has relevancy, to the topic that Camden City now faces. The civil right movement generated several plans of action to help protect school districts from failing the constituents, the Equal Protection Clause, (Civil Right Clause, of 1964). In, 2011 the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie announced that Camden city schools lacked proper leadership, and began a campaign to takeover and usher the ailing school District into State compliance as the investing movement of Human Capitol, suggested by the Federal Board of Governor’s then chairman, Alan Greenspan, who deemed this the greatly necessity in elementary and secondary education reform requirement to drastically, produce sustainability in the 21st century through The Education Reform Act, (Brimley, R., V., Verstegen, D., A., and Garfield, R., R., 2012, p. 4). The Education allocation for spending as a business makes Education reform the largest gross domestic product (GDP) in

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