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Reflection of Cartoons on Child Psychology

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Term paper First draft Reflection Of Cartoons On Child Psychology (Based on problem with solution)

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# Abstract 3 # Introduction 4 # Methodology 5 # Literature 6
# Findings( only our own view) 7-8
# Limitation 9
# Recommendation 10
# Conclusion 11


To make this research complete we are taking data from different sources . First of all we will collecting magazine and read the article . also reading books , browsing Internet , wikipadia , newspaper . newspaper have published about everything . so we gather information from newspaper . we will make conversation with cartoonist and we also meet with child psychology specialist to know the what kind of effect of carton on child psychology . we will go to cultural ministry office to know the government take the what kind of step . We gather information from internal sources to make a survey on children and there age limit is 4 – 10 . we put some information from our own observation.

our expected result is very high . Rather we gather information from our own observation and experience , so we think our project will analyze and implement for children . We will also expect from government of Bangladesh if they take necessary step on children entertainment . Introduction

Cartoons are the most frequent and easily accessible source of entertainment
Which we provide to our children. With the vastness of media and extension of channels, it has become easier for children to watch their favourite cartoons on a single click and at the same time it has become more convenient for parents to provide children with this all-time favourite activity of theirs. Time which was previously spent by children in outdoor activities is now replaced, as now they can be found glued to the TV sets for long hours, peering at all sorts of cartoons, mostly without the supervision of elders who are completely unaware that this might have certain effects on their psychological development later on displayed in t heir behaviour patterns.

There is a wide range of cartoons from fairy tales like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to action-based cartoons like ‘Ben Ten’ and ‘Pokémon’. Children between the ages of
6-8 have different preferences; girls are usually into fairy tales and animated
‘Barbie’ series whereas boys and some girls even usually have their favourite super hero cartoons like ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Batman’ or action flicks like ‘Bay Blade’ or
‘Dragon Ball-z’. Children are at a stage when their minds are developing and forms impressions easily so parents need to be careful what they expose them with.


Our research project is based on problem with solution and our topic is “ Reflection Of Cartoons On Child Psychology ’’

Data can be collected through primary and secondary data sources. Here we have used secondary data to do this research. Secondary research data is that exists and is available. The secondary data is a re-analyzing data which is already collected by some other people for some other reason. This type of data collection include the book reviews, journals, newspapers, magazines and internet surfing. Journals are published in regular basis; it is a vital literature source for any research. The academic journals contain the detailed reports of earlier research in different areas.
In books the information are more ordered and accessible manner than journals, which includes wider range of titles. Newspapers are good source for new events and developments within the business, it also provide the financial times industrial sectors reports. Internet searching provides more general information about all areas so any one can find any information from internet these data’s are already .

Literature Review

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Child

and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), “Children who view shows in which

violence is very realistic,

By :

Mostafa Monwar, who was the key person behind Meena and Sisimpur,

‘India also initiated programmes when we started the Unesco-funded Meena

project. But, they have developed a lot and now their entertaining programmes

are dominating local audience. By : The Daily Star Magazine

as a signatory to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, the government

should ensure programmes for children in the broadcast media forming a

regulatory body,’ added Reza, who also did research works on the issue.

Information secretary Hedayetullah Al Mamun , By : Book Review

‘Doraemon is the only source of entertainment for my child. Her days start with

watching the cartoon series in the morning. She goes to school with “Doraemon

bag” and “Doraemon pencils”. Just because of her addiction to the cartoon, we

miss so many TV pgorammes,’ Nusrat Jahan . By : personal Interview Findings (Our own view)

• Cause of children addiction on cartoon
Lack of entertainment programmes on the local TV channels is forcing millions of children to watch animated series aired by foreign TV channels portraying violence and ‘unethical’ activities.

• influencing the local children to speak Hindi
These series, mostly dubbed in Hindi, are not only influencing the local children to

Speak Hindi, but also imparting ‘unethical teachings’ to the innocent minds,

observe psychiatrists and media experts . Media experts say the indifference

towards child entertainment of the local channels is a result of their highly

commercialized approach . Japanese animation character Doraemon, a next

century robot, has already become an icon for the urban children .

• impact on children idea
Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse series are still very popular entertainers.

That does not mean that there is no touch of love in these animated series offered

for children. In the fairy tales of the Barbie series aired on such cartoon channels,

hugging and kissing scenes are very common.

‘Children’s affection for such animated series featuring actions and unethical

activities have long term impact on them.

• Lack of entertainment
Private channels like Desh TV, Boishakhi TV, ETV, Gazi TV and Diganta TV

have weekly and fortnightly programmes for children. These programmes,

however, are failing to attract children. ‘Not only the programmes for children, we

know, BTV’s programmes are not attracting any audience. And we are planning to

face the challenge,’ ‘India also initiated programmes when we started the Unesco-

funded Meena project. But, they have developed a lot and now their entertaining

programmes are dominating local audience. If the local channels cannot produce

programmes, they can at least air Bangla-dubbed foreign programmes. It will save

children from the language aggression,’ added Monwar, who led Bangladeshi,

indian and Sri Lankan experts in the Meena project. Experts have also demanded

that the government should take steps in this regard. ‘Independent regulatory

bodies ensure broadcast of children programmes in case of general TV channels in

other countries of the world. There is no such regulatory body in Bangladesh to

monitor. Here the TV channels even are not required to mention criteria of

programmes they will air while obtaining license,’ SM Shamim Reza, Limitation

We are facing many difficulties during collecting information about “ Reflection Of Cartoons On Child Psychology “ .

First of all we don’t get any Book about child psychology . then we go to

the public library And get some book but this book have not enough

information and the information is very old . then we find out some old

newspaper by using internet . we get some information but this is not

enough for making a report . Then we finding magazine , cause there

have article about child psychology . At last we find out an article this

article have the child psychology problem and potential solution . we are

also surfing internet but we don’t get actual information about child

psychology . Finally we survey a media people and cartoonist .


The influence of cartoons can be made positive by a little effort on the part of parents or elders. They should make their kids realize that these fantasy things have no true value and identity, no such ‘Spiderman’ exists who will jump from top of one building to another with the help of his web, there is no such ‘Ben 10’ wristwatch which will start blinking and will alert Ben of every evil action before hand. If someone is killed or beaten up by cartoons it does not mean that kids should also start doing the same. Parents need to keep an eye on their children’s activities and should be observant of any peculiar changes in their behaviour. With intervals they should have an interrogation session with them and try to clear the reality of things and should answer the controversial and ambiguous questions they have in their mind. Thus, for making cartoons a healthy entertainment and a good and effective source of learning for children parents should pay a little heed towards providing selective cartoons to their children which could have a positive impact on them.


Cartoon is a drawing, representation or symbol that makes a satirical, witty or humorous point. Though different types of cartoons may vary greatly from each other, the one common factor is humor & all the types some how influences & affects society & people in it in different ways. It is a sensible & creative art form.
Historically, different cartoons had huge influences on politics, social thoughts/messages, entertainment issues & psychology of children & young generation. In Bangladesh, cartoon is not considered so & cartoonists are not given the proper recognition, as they should be given. As a result, instead of having some very talented cartoonists, Bangladesh is falling behind in many ways regarding this art form. So, a cartoon museum dedicated to preserving & exhibiting all sorts of cartoons, starting from pre-historic time to editorial, social, political, economic cartoons & modern day animated toons is neede in Bangladesh. An institution for cartoon studies in Bangladesh. Creating cartoonists & animators, with basic courses, studio work including workshops. Innovative exhibitions to make the past and present of the art form, accessible to all for the purposes of education, research and enjoyment. This paper describes the process I have gone through to design a museum & institution for cartoons & comic arts suitable for Bangladesh.



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