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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

When I think of care giving I think of support, compassion, and making a positive difference in the health and lives of individuals. My philosophy of care giving involves passion for patient care. What I mean by passion for patient care is being passionate about providing high-quality, accessible, value-driven care that encompasses the whole person from body, mind, and spirit, as well as being committed to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all patients. My philosophy seems to go hand and hand with the paradigms of a Healing Hospital. According to Chapman (2007), the Healing Hospital is a concept that more than anything else, supports culture of caring. Therefore, love is the center of healing. I will further discuss the paradigm of the Healing Hospital, consider the ramifications and challenges of the paradigm, and evaluate the reasonableness of the paradigm.

A healing hospital is built on the ancient tradition that love is at the center of healing. The Healing Hospital represents a vision of true excellence built on the most important principle of human existence- loving one another (Chapman, 2007, p. 10-11). Their concept is supporting a strong culture of caring for their patients and caregivers. Healing Hospitals use the three symbols of loving services which are: a Golden Thread that symbols faith in god to represent positive tradition of healing, a pair of intersecting circles that symbolizes hope that flow into and out hearts when we experience loving encounters and the red heart that symbolizes love. There are at least three prerequisites that must be met in order for the work of a Healing Hospital to be accomplished. First, there must be a commitment from top leadership to focus on staff training around loving care. Second, there must be significant change

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...but since 2001 the United States has had a 13% vacancy rate of unfilled , full-time RN positions and this has not changed as in past times ( Fox & Abrahamson, 2009). According to Fox & Abrahamson, 2009,” A web of dysfunction exists that is far more complicated than any single factor, “(235-244). There are many influencing factors to blame for this nursing shortage. One such factor is the population imbalance created by the Baby Boomers aging and leaving the workforce and the smaller Generation X’ers that have to try and care for all of these aging people (Fox & Abrahamson, 2009). Another influencing factor are our aging pool RN’s. Our average RN age is 43 and we have many nurses retiring. Half of RN’s are going to be over 50 by age 2010 and the U.S. does not have enough new nurses to replace them (Fox & Abrahamson, 2009). The third influencing factor is that 65% of our nursing graduates come from associate degree programs. This is in itself not a problem, but there are not enough nursing faculty, which must at least have a BSN degree if not an MSN degree to teach nursing. We are turning away perspective nursing students from programs because there are not nursing faculty to teach them (Roman, 2008)....

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...Amber Hawn Mr. Professor Pascoe Comp 1 12, September 2012 Personal Philosophy of Nursing The American Nurses Association defines nursing as, “protection, and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of the individuals, families, communities, and populations.” (American Nurses Association, 2004, p. 7) There is a lot of work in nursing. There are lot of cores, focuses, visions, and philosophies of nursing. In my opinion there are a lot of cores of nursing. So, I will be discussing a few different cores of nursing. One core of nursing is delivering quality care to the needs of the patients and families. You can do this through education, teaching and listening. The second core of nursing is patient education. “Patient teaching regardless of what medical condition or injury a patient is being treated for the success of the recovery process will be greatly affected by how well educated the patient is about what they are suffering from. (Right Health Community, 2008) Nurses should teach the patient about medications, and how to manage their daily living. The last core of nursing is love and passion for others. Why is one in nursing if they do not have love and passion for others? Without love and passion, patient outcomes are affected. You can show love and passion in a variety of ways. One way of showing love and passion could be taking the time to talk to a patient...

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