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Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function

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Assignment 2: Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function

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Dr Abdel Ismail

CIS 505: Communication Technologies

April 28, 2013

Meeting the Information Requirements of Management From the Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function, the fifth computing facility fulfillment point reads, “Meet information requirements of management” (Stallings, 2009, p. 58). Stated in another way, this Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) mission statement’s component implies that company information can be utilized by management for a great deal of things. While the security of all company-owned data is immensely important to the success of the organization, some of the information carries significant value when used by management in order to allow the company to make better informed decisions to keep the company competitive in today’s market and to comply with the organization’s legal responsibilities. Today’s markets are vastly competitive. “To succeed in multi-channel, high-speed environments, organizations need to leverage the data they have at their disposal. Organizations today have access to almost unlimited amounts of data - sales, demographics, economic trends, competitive data, consumer behavior, efficiency measures, financial calculations, etc” (Kennerley, 2008, p. 4). Understanding the company’s data metrics is the job of the management tiers of the organization so that better decisions can be made for the direction of the company as a whole. If management does not acquire or understand company-related information, the business is essentially setting themselves up for failure against their competitors. Protecting data from unauthorized personnel is smart business, but not knowing how to use that information puts the company at a market disadvantage. In order for management to make proper decisions, they require information from...

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