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ADVANTAGE GRANT APPLICATION Full Name of Applicant: Scott Bentley Gonzales | Sid: 10956574 | Address: 2823 W. Bijou Street | | City: Colorado Springs | State: CO. | Zip: 80904 | Home Telephone: 1 (760) 217-9278 | Work Telephone: | Degree Program: Bachelors of Science in Information Technology |

Application Requirements:

 Students applying for the Colorado Technical University Online Advantage Grant must submit a minimum 500-word essay on how they intend to use the skills learned at Colorado Technical University - Online to benefit others and society.  Students must be enrolled in a degree program of study through Colorado Technical University Online.  No scholarship or grant awards will be disbursed prior to attendance through Colorado Technical University Online.  Essays are reviewed each session by the Colorado Technical University Online Scholarship Committee and students are notified of any scholarship awards in writing.

_____________________________________________ Student’s Signature Date___04/23/2013___________ I certify that all statements made in my submitted essay and the information above are true and correct to the best of my ability. I understand that misrepresentation or omission may be cause for disqualification. I have also read and understood the Colorado Technical University Online

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