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Plagiarism is the action of acquiring an idea, conversation, writing or a song from someone else and presenting it as your own (Edward & Gary, 1999). It is also the use of another work for own benefit without giving credit to the source of the work, with the intention of representing the work as your own. An example of plagiarism is the inclusion of someone’s work in your extracts without acknowledging the source. This research focuses on the acts of plagiarism which are considered as fraud, hence highly discouraged.

With easy availability of information, today, plagiarism has become a bigger problem. There is a remarkable tendency of people copying and pasting material from different sources without acknowledging the source of information (Arthur, 2007). The reasons that make people to plagiarise are ignorance towards the rules of grammar, desperation due to too many assignments and jobs. Other inherent reasons are careless note-taking, procrastinating owing to poor planning, writing anxiety on account of lack of confidence in one’s writing abilities. However, others attribute it to outright laziness to working, deception by other people and lack of intellectual investment when the workload is demanding (Arthur, 2007).

Plagiarism covers a vast array of instances ranging from politics, research, journalism and academia. Since it is an illegal act, the perpetrators knowing of the penalties that they are going to be posed to, usually give many excuses so as to avoid facing the dire consequences. These people usually claim not to have known or may have unwittingly duplicated someone’s work unintentionally (Arthur, 2007). They just cannot accept that it was their entire fault. Misunderstanding is one of the excuses given. This is common in an academic setting.

In addition to the above reasons,...

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