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The Coca-Cola Company Limited is the world's largest beverage company and is the leading producer and marketer of soft drinks. Due to the facing of highly competition in the market, the Company used more than million dollars in the R& D, marketing and production, in order to design a new product to gain a higher margin. This report is mainly focusing on how Coca-Cola Company Limited uses strategies in order to competitive in the mature market. Firstly, the issues of the Company will be identified, and then SWOT analysis of the company will be conducted. After that, evaluation of alternative strategies will be stated and finally recommendations and implementation will be given.

Coca-Cola Company Limited is the world largest offerer of non-alcoholic beverages and the most valuable firm in the world. They owned over 300 brands in over 200 countries and serving carbonated soft drink and non-carbonated beverages such as fruit juice, fruit drink, sports drinks, coffees and bottled water. Coca-Cola Co. is operating in their existing brands, and also develops new global and local brands and acquisition of the global or local brands.

In 2002, the company has launched new brand product including Diet Lemon Coke, Vanilla Coke and large varieties of fruit taste Fanta including lime, grape, strawberry and passion fruit in Australia. The company has also acquired many new international water brands such as Danone Waters, Sparklettes, Alhambra and Evian brands in US. They also continued collaboration with the Walt Disney Company to market children's soft drinks.

Coca-Cola Company Limited has invested a huge amount in marketing campaign to support their brands. The aims for these campaigns are to enhance the consumer awareness and consumer preference for a certain brand. As a result, Coca-Cola Co. has maintained a long-term growth in profitable

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Mba 545: People and Systems in Organizations - Free Term Papers, Essays and Research Documents The Research Paper Factory Join Search Browse Saved Papers Home Page » Business and Management Coca-Cola Company: Then and Now In: Business and Management Coca-Cola Company: Then and Now Case Study Coca-Cola Company: Then and Now Vladyslav Mozharov John Elmer Case Study – Coca-Cola Company: Then and Now May 1, 2014 The traditional change model consists of three steps: unfreezing, i.e. recognizing the need for change because of some event or threat, the actual change actions and refreezing, i.e. incorporating new ways of operating and thinking into everyday operations of the organization. Apply this model to the situation at the coca-cola company at the point when the lawsuit was served in 1999. As it is stated in the case of Coca-Cola, it was a marketing machine ran by bureaucrats and tried to create an image of their brand more than to give to customers what they want. At that stage, Ivestor, who was a CEO of the company, was focusing more on the numbers and revenues than on what is really going inside of the company. He was described as insecure and arrogant and refused to listen to his own people, working for him. Instead of solving the real problems in the company, he was focusing on keeping profits on the same level. Case gives an example of passivity of his actions by increasing the price of Coke syrup sales to bottlers...

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