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Restructuring of Swift & Hr Implmt Plan

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Restructuring of SWIFT & HR implmt Topic: 1. A restructuring of SWIFT, with maximum 7 staff reporting to Thanh. Include the activities that are now being executed by Thanh, but which are invisible in the chart. 2. An HR implementation plan, including HR Planning for 1-3 years, recruitment, career planning, performance management, HR policy and compensation.

I. SWIFT RESTRUCTURING PLAN 1. Analysis of SWIFT operations. SWIFT is a small and medium enterprise with the organization has more than 200 employees, including function departments and factory. SWIFT is still working well. They have a chance to dominate and expand their market share. But with the specialization is not high, lack of planning consultant position, do not have the decentralization in their main activities of the organization so CEO is stress due to cover all activities of the company. CEO directly involved in everything from personnel decisions, financial, business, public relations... Not all problems in the company need CEO to listen to the report and making decision. In the long term, along with company the expansion of production and business of the SWIFT, this HRM model will not meet the needs of development. Therefore, restructuring to meet the effective operation in the new stage of development is actually needed for SWIFT. CEO want to relieve pressure, they must accept to delegate his power to the junior managers and limit the range that they are free to decide and report back upon maturity. Distributing the work according to the criteria of important and urgent to solve and efficient sequential implementation. Current organizational structure of SWIFT from its inception till now remains the same no improvement to keep up with the company's development in the new period. The number of staff and workers is going to increase because this company controled 15% of the

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