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Another Cinderella Story

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Politically Correct Cinderella

We all know the story about Cinderella who starts out by being simple farm girl. And of course we also know the evil stepmother and stepsisters, and the fairy good mother. We also know about the ending where Cinderella gets the beautiful prince and they lived happily ever after. There is also another version of the story. Politically Correct Cinderella is the funnier and modern parody of the Traditional Cinderella story. Politically Correct Cinderella written by James Finn Garner in 1981. In this essay I’m going to analyze the Politically Correct Cinderella story, and then compare it to the traditional Cinderella story, and finally end it by relating to the concept of “political correctness”.
The Politically Correct Cinderella has the main plot as the traditional Cinderella Story. It’s about Cinderella whose birthmother had died when Cinderella was just a child, and then her father married the evil stepmother, with the evil stepsisters. But this story is written in a different way. An example could be the language: when he writes woman he write it like this: “wommon or womyn” – in this case I believe it is to keep it more correctly. It is also to see it from a feminist point of view, which change the way we perceive the story.
The fairy good person is a man here, which makes it a lot weirder for us, because the fairy good mother was one of the central characters in the story we became familiar with. Just as we are used to the fairy good person being a woman, for example in the story “Klokkeblomst”, we are also used to a “fairy good girl” – so when we hear about a fairy good person, we assume that it is a female.
Another change from the traditional Cinderella is the ending. In the traditional version, it ends with Cinderella and the prince getting married living happily ever after. In James F. Garners version, it ends with blood

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