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Abstract Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been available for more than fifty years. However it has only been recently that the prices of RFID devices have fallen to the point where these devices can be used as a "throwaway" inventory. This presents numerous opportunities along with innumerable risks. A lot of research is being done to suggest methods which will ensure secure communications in RFID systems. The objective of this paper is to present RFID technology, its current, future applications, study various potential threats to security, and Critics of RFID.


Introduction RFID 1.0 BACKGROUND STUDY Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification system. It make use of Radio Frequency (RF) to identify “tagged” items .Data collected were transmitted to a host system using a Radio Frequency Reader. RFID is one of the numerous technologies grouped under the term Automatic Identification (Auto ID), such as bar code, magnetic inks, optical character recognition (OCR), voice recognition, touch memory, smart cards, biometrics etc. Auto ID technologies are the new ways of getting data and controlling information flow of a material, especially suitable for large production networks. RFID is a means of gathering data about a certain item without the need of touching or seeing the data carrier, through the use of inductive coupling or electromagnetic waves. The data carrier is a microchip attached to an antenna (together called

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